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Sometimes old stamp catalogs are better than new ones (and vice versa)

Sometimes old stamp catalogs are better than new ones (and vice versa)Progress is a double-edged sword. Look no further than any stamp catalog at your bookshelf . Though a lot of things (like paper quality) have improved in stamp catalogs over the years, I am confident that you (like me) also miss a lot of things that publishers have wiped out in name of progress. As an example here I've chosen Algerian 1966/71 Emir Abdelkader stamps and two editions of Michel catalogs with 17 years in between. ...(1155 words,4 images, 7 comments)

The Power of Few

The Power of FewFew weeks back I finished reading ‘The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History’ by Elizabeth Kolbert. It is Pulitzer awarded book about the ongoing sixth mass extinction of world’s flora and fauna, and the role of human actions upon the change.  True, it is not light stamp related reading, some might even consider it more scary than the books of Clive Barker, but the book got me thinking about the so said extinction of stamp collectors/collecting and the similarities between the events. ...(1261 words,1 images, 7 comments)

About pricing of online stamp catalogs

About pricing of online stamp catalogsScott is releasing their range of digital stamp catalogs later this year, and I've been tracking with great interest any possible clues about the price it will become available. VSC is now having a poll where the editor of Scott catalogs, Chad Snee, is asking whether collectors would prefer to pay $99.99 - $124.99/year or $124.99 - $149.99/year for access to six-volume digital Scott Standard catalog. Not surprisingly, a lot of VSC members have chosen not to vote, and stated directly that neither of the given options attracts them. Is Scott asking too much? ...(442 words,0 images, 49 comments)

eBooks are the future of stamp catalogs and other philatelic literature

eBooks are the future of stamp catalogs and other philatelic literatureThough I'm much in love with my printed set of stamp catalogs, I have no doubts that sooner or later eBooks will triumph over printed matter. Right now one of my largest annoyances is the fact that though eBooks seem to be this seasons hottest gift ideas, there is nothing but few oddball philatelic publications available. Nothing from Amos (publisher of Scott), nothing from Schwanberger (publisher of Michel), and nothing from SG (publisher of Stanley Gibbons). Why? ...(242 words,1 images, 39 comments)

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