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94 responses on “Subscribers information”
  1. micklac says:

    I will give this a try. I would hate to see this blog end because collectors like me did not pay.

  2. Keijo says:

    @miclac… Thanks 🙂

  3. Bob Skinner says:

    Keijo, happy to support your website. Your blog as well as your comments on other stamp collecting discussion groups have been a big help to me.

  4. Keijo says:

    @Bob… Thanks 🙂

  5. Jim says:

    This is a great blog and i want to help keep it going. The content is always excellent. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Reidar says:

    Supporting this great blog is the least I can do. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  7. Keijo says:

    @Reidar…. Thanks 🙂

  8. Douglas Colyer says:

    Please forward the ibann


  9. Keijo says:

    Good day Douglas,

    please check your email for invoice & payment instructions.


  10. David says:

    It’s done! Keep on with this amazing blog!

  11. Keijo says:

    @David… Thanks 🙂

  12. G.B.Neuman says:

    I note that the eBook of stories about American stamps doesn’t seem to download properly. All of the others and the video download fine, but the American stories one doesn’t download any content.

  13. Keijo says:

    @G.B…. Thanks for the bug report. This one’s fixed now.

  14. Toby says:

    Hi Keijo,

    Can you please check whether my premium is still valid, if it is my log-in info isn’t working,

  15. Keijo says:

    @Toby… It’s valid till April 20th 2014, and all seems to work OK from my perspective.

    I’m resending you the login credentials (please check your email).


  16. John Downs says:

    Keijo – Hi ! I purchased a Premium membership
    a couple of months ago but have not received
    a reply email. Would you please re-send
    as it quite possibly went to my trash file and
    I likely deleted it. Thank you for your attention
    to this email and many thanks for your
    tireless work on the Blog!!
    Take care,
    John D

  17. Keijo says:

    @John… Copies of messages sent. Please check your inbox (there should be 2 separate emails – one contains a receipt of your purchase and the other one has your login credentials to Premium service).

  18. Jody Cross says:

    Approximately how much is a premium subscription for US customers? In other words, in dollars.

  19. Keijo says:

    @Jody… On todays (March 30th 2014) exchange rate it’s approximately 17.05US Dollars.

    In other common currencies, it equals approx.:
    – 18.43 in Australian Dollars, or
    – 18.85 in Canadian Dollars, or
    – 10.24 in British Sterling


  20. Federico Muguruza says:

    Thanks Keijo…the blog is really going over the moon, (unfortunately keeping it so, will cost a fortune) people using the blog for free, don’t know what are going to loose if you can’t do it any more… 50 subscribers only? its ridiculous, Damn!!!btw; how are family? and the big boy? sorry that I’m very busy with family matters (I’ll be a grandfather on June! and it’s a boy) music and the rest…anyway I hope you are OK !…cheers!

  21. Keijo says:


    the blog is really going over the moon

    Thanks… Just putting some of my ‘professional skills’ into good use.

    people using the blog for free, don’t know what are going to loose if you can’t do it any more… 50 subscribers only? its ridiculous, Damn!!

    Well, I was not expecting much more. Most stamp collectors are penny-pinching tightwads (yours truly included, LOL).

    And true, it’s ridiculous… Out of 100,000 people visiting the blog each year; and of 3,500 newsletter subscribers, only fifty sees it worth supporting. I’d do better putting my money on lottery, LOL.

    !btw; how are family? and the big boy?

    All well… Into (that’s the name) is a big boy by now. Slightly over 10kgs, laughing most of the time, and crawling around the floors 🙂
    (and yes, the first contacts with stamps & magnifying glass have been made with success).


    PS. Congrats for becoming a grandfather 😉

  22. Reidar says:

    Time to renew my subscription. Once again, thanks for a great blog and keep up the good work! 🙂

  23. Keijo says:

    @Reidar… My sincerest thank You for the support.

  24. Philip Reynolds says:

    Your blog is excellent, and I always open it and read various items – including some about issues not of direct ‘use’ to me. I intend to renew my subscription, due on about 17th September 2014 I think – not sure if you send a reminder? Thank you, best wishes, Philip

  25. Keijo says:

    @Philip… Thanks for the praise and support 🙂

    Re, reminder of expiration… The system doesn’t send out reminders, but instead relies that good folks take care of renewals by themselves if they find the service worth it. That said, once you’re logged in, you should see (on the main page) how many days are remaining.

  26. Lee says:

    Hi Keijo – Just signed up, as I can’t in good conscience continue to ‘mine’ your amazing blog for information (information that, frankly, is transforming my entire approach to the hobby) without giving back. I know you refer to yourself as ‘just a humble collector’ but, really, you’re providing great value, from an amazing storehouse of knowledge, from which the entire hobby can benefit. Thanks!

  27. Keijo says:

    @Lee… I humbly thank You for the support.

    Every buck helps in keeping the knowledge freely accessible for everyone interested (which is a really BIG crowd compared to supporters… Last month the blog had over 16,000 unique readers from 152 countries/4300 cities around the globe… Talk about truly worldwide bunch enjoying everything that the blog provides 😉

  28. Philip Reynolds says:

    Hi Keijo,
    I have just paid for a further years subscription(due today 17/09/2014), but am not sure if this has been credited to my ORIGINAL account for the blog, but maybe that doe not matter?
    best wishes, thank you, Philip

  29. Keijo says:

    @Philip… Thanks for the support 🙂

    … but am not sure if this has been credited to my ORIGINAL account for the blog, but maybe that doe not matter?

    The system automatically creates you another (new) account for the new period.

    But by now you should have already received the new login credentials to your email (if not, then just drop me a message, and I’ll forward you a copy).

  30. Laura Pendell says:

    Dear Keijo,

    I joined your blog community about a week ago using PayPal. To date I have not received any acknowledgment of my membership or login information. Please let me know what’s going on. Thanks!


  31. Keijo says:

    @Laura… Thanks for getting in touch.

    The payment is all OK and it’s been handled successfully on 19th October. But when digging in further I noted that the system had not managed to sent you neither of the automated confirmation messages (including your login credentials and a receipt of your purchase) due to an networking error. I assume it did not show you any error messages during sign up?

    Anyway, I’ve now manually re-sent you the confirmation message and the receipt, so please check your inbox. The subscription starts from this day, so there is no loss for you.

    My sincerest apologies for this. If you’ve got anything else on your mind, please do leave a message and I’ll get in touch with you.


  32. Nick says:

    Hi Keijo

    I read about you in Stamp Magazine and I enjoy your blog so I thought it time I gave some support! All the best for the New Year and your target of 100000 stamps.



  33. Keijo says:

    Hi Nick,

    and thanks for the support and new years greetings 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading SCB in 2015 as well…

  34. Jere says:

    The site is well worth my 15$… thanks and keep up the good work !!




  35. Keijo says:

    @jere… My humblest thanks for your support 🙂

  36. Chas says:

    Just renewed my subscription. I’m not a serious (or even semi-serious) collector but came across your website when browsing around the internet for stamp information at the start of last year. I had a small album as a child and thought it would be nice to re-investigate the hobby when I re-discovered my very small collection. Since then I have bought the odd bag of stamps from charity shops and enjoyed looking through them and putting them in a stock book (as suggested on this site). I have really found your blog fascinating and a great read even though it is not necessarily relevant to someone collecting at my very low level. 

    I have left this response because it seems such a shame that you have so few people who are willing to subscribe as it is such a useful mine of information. I imagine that most of the people looking at this site are much keener collectors than me and really feel that they should support and give you financial assistance in recognition of all the hard work you have clearly put into this site. 

  37. Keijo says:

    @Chas… Thanks for the support. It’s great to hear you are liking the blog and my advice has been helpful 🙂

  38. Paulo Duek says:



    I’m thinking to be a supporter of your blog. Can I receive one or 2 pages of one of the PDF’s for checking how is it?


  39. Don Christian says:

    I paid for a membership, received a user name and password but can’t find how to log in.

  40. Keijo says:


    Can I receive one or 2 pages of one of the PDF’s for checking how is it?

    The link to sample page can be found on Premium members FAQ-page, but here’s a direct link to sample PDF. All the articles in PDF are the same that you can read/see on the blog, just the presentation format is different.

    As a generalization, premium members only articles are from 500-1,500 words each (about 2-6 times longer than the free entries) with detailed images.


    …received a user name and password but can’t find how to log in.

    There are two ways…

    First (and easiest) way is to use a quick login. The link for quick login is found on the same email message that contains your username and password. All you need to do is click that link, and you are signed in automatically.

    Second way is to click the Premium Login text on the front page (right next to Latest, By Topic, Latest Comments etc. tabs), and type in your login credentials.

  41. Dave says:

    Hi Keijo—just paid my subscription, have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog and getting back into my stamps after a down-time of 20 years or so. Thank you for your amazing articles, keep up the great work!

  42. Keijo says:

    @Dave… Thanks for the support 🙂

    Another article (a short one) at the blog is due in few days time, hopefully you’ll be loving it too.

  43. john c says:

    Just paid the subscription. Hope the blog keeps going and new articles keep coming.


  44. Keijo says:

    @John C… Thanks for the support. Just few hours back I renewed the domain name for next 12 months, so yes, SCB is going onwards.

  45. Rick Young says:

    I cannot remember my password for my premium membership. Can you help me? Thanks.

  46. Keijo says:

    @Rick… Cavalry is on it’s way. Please check your inbox (the one associated with PayPal).

  47. Anthony says:


    Is there anyway to subscribe without going through PayPal.  I do not want to create another user account is I can avoid it.  Thanks


  48. Keijo says:

    @Anthony… For the time being there are two additional options:

    1) If you can do IBAN bank transfer in Euro’s, then that’s one option.
    Sadly SWIFT bank transfers or IBAN payments in other currency than Euro (such as dollars or Pound sterling) are NOT on option due to ridiculously high banking fees (about 7€ per each money order received).

    2) Sending cash payment in Euro currency is another option.
    Again, only payments in Euro are valid. Additionally, I take no responsibility if the payment is lost on the mail.

    I wish there were other options, but it pretty much comes down to cost of additional services (with current volume). If you think either of the above would work for you, please leave a new message and I’ll get back to you with detailed instructions on how to make a payment.


  49. John Terwilliger says:


    I have yet to receive my logon for premium access. My PayPal payment was processed February 25th.

  50. Keijo says:

    @John… Very likely they’ve been sitting on your spam/junk mail folder for a week 😉 At least the system isn’t reporting any delivery/bounce errors for your messages.

    Anyway, I’m sending you a copy of the messages right now (please check your inbox).

    PS. If I remember tomorrow (it’s about 11PM here, and I’m pretty exhausted for the day), I’ll add an extra week for Your login to make up the lost time.

  51. Keijo says:

    Hooray! SCB has reached a landmark of one hundred sold memberships  today!!!! 

    So that everyone knows where the funds from the Membership payment are going / what they provide, here’s a rough summary what SCB is achieving.  Since the introduction of Premium Membership programme …  

    About a quarter of million users from over two-hundred countries have visited SCB. 

    Over three quarter of a million articles (mostly free basic/entry level articles) have been read. 

    The email newsletter has been sent out about 100,000 times.  

    Seventy-five new articles and over 1,200 comments have been released at the blog.

    These are pretty amazing numbers for a small hobbyist website…. And none of this would be possible without Your financial contribution to SCB.  So hear, hear to first one hundred sold Premium memberships. May there be many more ….


  52. JerryT says:


    After using your site for a few months, I decided it was time to support you and signed up for the premium membership today.

    I’m looking forward to future stamp news and interesting articles.



  53. Keijo says:

    @JerryT… Thanks for the support 🙂

  54. Annamary Kennell says:

    I am just trying to find out where to setup a newaccount. I paid premium membership today, but do not see a place to setup my account. Only to login after I have set one up.

  55. Keijo says:

    @Annamary… Thanks for becoming a premium member of the blog.

    When you paid for the membership, the system sent you two emails straight away.

    The first email (with subject “Stamp Collecting Blog: Thank you for becoming a premium member”) contains your login credentials as well as information on how to log in. The second email is just a receipt of your purchase.

    Depending on your email settings it’s possible that your email/ISP provider has automatically blocked or deleted the messages (for example AOL is notorious of the latter). If you don’t see the emails on your inbox, then check the junk mail folder. If they are not to be found anywhere, then please give me a howl and I’ll send you a copy of the originals.


  56. coleman johnson says:

    Hello:  I have paid for a year’s m’ship, but cannot access the username and password page. Can you help ?

     Thanks, Coleman

  57. Keijo says:

    @Coleman… Sure. Please check your inbox for my message (if you don’t find it at the inbox, please check also the junk mail/spam folder).

  58. Axel says:

    just signed up, keep up the good works Keijo…

  59. Keijo says:

    @Axel…. Thanks. And will do my best to keep folks happy with new content 🙂

  60. John Zwikstra says:

    Hi Keijo
    Just signed up. I got back into stamps a few years ago and really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work.Hope the family and/or medical issues are not too serious.John

  61. Keijo says:

    @John… Thanks. It’s always great to hear readers of the blog enjoy my musings…

    Re family/health issues… Let’s say that I will not have any issues with ‘what to do on my free time’ for rest of the year (just take a look of my collection, and how ‘miserably’ I’ve managed to add items in recent weeks). I was on a work trip to eastern Finland last week, and at the same visited my father at local ward. When I entered, I had a full A4-sheet of ‘things to ask/do’, and when I left out I had a totally different set of tasks/questions ahead of me.

  62. Frank says:

    Hello, Have been intending for a long time to support your philatelic endeavors. Looking forward to reading the expanded coverage. I  sent in my dues via Paypal a couple of days ago. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Hoping that you and family are well. Many thanks for all that you have done to promote this curious pursuit. Best,Frank

  63. Keijo says:

    @Frank… Thanks for the support. Payment was received on Wednesday morning, and the system has sent you login credentials few minutes later (hopefully they’ve arrived to your inbox safely; if not found from the inbox, then please check the spam folder).


  64. Paulo says:


    I’m Paulo from Israel, I’m very happy to support your website.Attached one image of a page from my collection.


    Good luck!!!



  65. Keijo says:

    @Paulo…. Happy to have you aboard 🙂

  66. Fred says:

    Hi Keijo, Just signed up. I have spent days over the past few months reading your articles, and really enjoy them. I got back into collecting earlier this year, but unfortunately I am 1000s of miles away from my collection most of the year round as I work in China, whilst my collection is back home in the UK. Your blog helps a lot, as at least I get to read and learn about stamps (something I enjoy a lot), although it does make me miss being able to sort out my own collection. Thank you for the days and days of entertainment and wisdom you have provided me so far ^_^Fred

  67. Keijo says:

    @Fred… Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  68. Karen says:

    I always look forward to reading your blog and am happy to make this very reasonable contribution.  Good luck and thanks.

  69. Keijo says:

    @Karen… Payment received. I humbly thank for the support.

  70. Signed up, your blog is amazing Keijo!

  71. Keijo says:

    @DJCHMH@…. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  72. Brad Fallon says:

    I cannot find the unsubscribe button on this site and it does not work on you emails.  Please unsubscribe me from your email alerts.





  73. Keijo says:

    @Brad…. Removed.

    Re, the newsletter / email link…. Thanks for the bug report. It seems there was a typo (file extension reads “.php.php” though it should be just “.php”. This is now fixed, of course the change will take effect from the next edition of the bulletin).

  74. maryann pryce says:

    I am trying to subscribe  (free ) trial however it seems to be stuck between taking the email and the next step. I very much wish to explore your interesting site. Love stamp collecting!

  75. Keijo says:

    @maryann…. Your doing everything correctly; the fault is on ATT. They’ve got a bad reputation for phasing out lots of valid emails (without recipient ever knowing) in order to protect their customers from potential spam.

    Anyway, I will be sending your login credentials from my personal email ( address, so it should pass). If you don’t see my message on your inbox, then check junk mail folder. And if that too fails, then drop me another message.

  76. gary godden says:

    glad i stumbled on to this site

  77. Keijo says:

    @gary… Happy to hear it hit a sweet spot 🙂

  78. Federico Muguruza says:

    Hi Keijo…to see how is your life and your dear ones…yes! long time don’t come over here and many things happened  on those years…some good and some sad…that’s life indeed…

  79. Keijo says:

    Hola Fred! Nice to see you around, been way too long since last time. Hope life’s been good to you.

    Indeed, lots of changes on SCB, but all great improvements (at least from my perspective). As for personal side, life’s been the usual, ups and downs and never boring. And of course still dreaming hitting the jackpot on national lottery 😉


  80. John Esbenshade says:

    Hello Keijo,
    Please make a note of my new e-mail address:
    John Esbenshade

  81. Keijo says:

    @John… Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the email to my records.

  82. Rachel says:


    I thought I had paid the subscription fee a few months ago but I’m only able to access the first 150 words of the topics. Please would you let me know if I’ve expired and  need to subscibe again?




  83. Keijo says:

    Hi Rachel,

    you’re all paid up till Feb 2017, and things should be working all ok for you. Anyway, I’ll be sending a quick email your way.


  84. Philip Reynolds says:

    I have just re-subscribed, having subscribed to SCB since 2013. It is well worth the modest subscription, and covers so many areas and philatelic information, which I greatly enjoy even though I mainly collect Japan and am not a world-wide collector. Thank you Keijo for providing an excellent service despite coping with some personal issues over the years

  85. Keijo says:

    @Philip… Thanks for the kind words and support. It is always a great pleasure to hear folks enjoying SCB.

  86. Nick says:


    I have subscribed but cannot login. I keep getting the message that I have no more page views left. Help!

  87. Keijo says:

    @Nick…. Email on it’s way. Please check your inbox.


  88. David Rossall says:

    will give it a try

  89. Keijo says:

    @David… Welcome aboard 🙂

  90. David Decker says:


    i recently renewed my membership and got the confirmation email. I do not recall getting a separate email with user name and password. Not showing up in my junk mail.  Could you possibly send again. Many thanks,


  91. Keijo says:

    Hi David,

    the email should be there (but of course it is possible that your ISP has blocked it for reason or another). Seek for message with subject line ‘Stamp Collecting Blog: Thank you for becoming a Premium member’.

    But I am sending you now a copy of that email.


  92. David Decker says:

    Thanks, I got it!

  93. grandpromus says:

    Hi there!

    I renewed for a third year a few days ago. Paypal says it went through but haven’t gotten my password for this year’s membership and last years is expired and doesn’t work. Not sure where I go to ask for my new password?

  94. Keijo says:

    @grandpromus… All systems show the messages were sent successfully, and that gmail accepted the messages for delivery – so it is some setting your email account. Or then Gmail is messing around thinking the messages are spam/junk (likely this option).

    Anyway, I’m sending you email right now, please check your inbox.


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