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Philatelic (Stamp collecting) software and online services - reviews etc

This is index page for articles about Philatelic (Stamp collecting) software and online services - reviews etc . Please review the links below:

8 tips for scanning awesome stamp images5
The difficulty of fully automated stamp perforation measurements (and why gauging manually is still leading the pack)2
Beauty and the Beast: Inventorying not just quantity, but also quality of stamps8
Crash Boom Bang! (Or how stamp collecting has moved to 21st century digital world)5
Stamp data visualization - or how to review postage stamp related data in fun and visual way4
Automated stamp recognition / identification software - why it is such a BAD idea to allow a machine do all the fun (work) for you9
Review of Stamp Mate 20146
About pricing of online stamp catalogs49
Mounting stamp collections digitally53
eBooks are the future of stamp catalogs and other philatelic literature39
Using high resolution scans as an aid in philately15
Long postage stamp series - how to keep track of what You have / need?13
Top 5 free online stamp catalogues reviewed89
Keeping track of stamp collection299
Why most stamp collecting / inventory software solutions suck?525
Q&A: stamp software58

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