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BOBs (not) Your uncle - bizarre back of book stamps

This is index page for articles about BOBs (not) Your uncle - bizarre back of book stamps . Please review the links below:

Poste Maroc stamps of 1907/1909 - bogus, cinderella or something else?0
Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps4
Dienstmarke vs Dienstmarke: the story behind two kinds of East German (DDR) official stamps2
Postage stamps of Kingdom of Sedang (Deh Sedang)3
Non-governmental stamps - whats your take with them? And where to draw a line what is a postage stamp and what is not?2
What keeps you motivated with stamps and collecting?6
Type Duval postage due stamps of France2
German ATM stamps (aka. Klüssendorf) - rethinking how to organize9
Peruvian Pro Desocupados postal tax stamps6
Polish Post Insured Mail Seals6
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Finland6
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Germany3
Sri Lankan "Postal Facilities for the Hon. Members of Parliament" - stamps. What are they, and why are they not listed on the catalogs?7
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine - a case study of Spanish 1854 Una Unza official stamp2
Puzzled by size difference in pair of 1906 Liberian OS (Official Service) postage stamps0
Unlisted perforation varieties on Ecuador Timbre Escolar postage stamps2
The mystery of Peru 1874/79 Postage due stamps without grills5
Salt department revenue stamps of Egypt9
Albanian Mirdita stamps10
What makes a BOB stamp a BOB?17
Postage stamps of Haiti -The Audubon birds series15
1959 Nicaraguan postal tax stamp with unknown overprint7
Belgium 1882/1894 Parcel Post stamp forgeries8
Forgery of Camp Post Hanau charity seal8
Unknown Bulgarian cinderella stamp9
Some revenue stamps of Egypt - need ID help7
Soviet Court Fee stamps and an early Russian revenue8
Taxe Percue postmark6
Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stamps5
Japanese 1898 parcel post revenue stamp12
Swedish TuristPorto / tourist postage stamps0
Finnish Parliamentery ballot cancellation4
Misdated postal markings and a Finnish Zeppelin cover6
Unidentified Spanish fiscal revenue stamp8
British Wilding stamps with Christmas Island BFPO postmark10
Revenue stamp from Ticino6
Marca da Bollo and other Italian fiscal stamps4
Milan 1906 World Fair cinderella stamp0
Collecting airmail labels2
Giro Nacional cancels on Spanish postage stamps2
Spanish ATM stamps23
Cyprus ATM stamps4
Introduction to collecting ATM stamps6
Rural postmarks on Cyprus stamps3
Lundy Puffin postage stamps47
Herm Island local stamp -1961 Europa(CEPT)2
The unusual stuff found on kiloware5
India 1924 Mount Everest Expedition label8
US First Man on the Moon stamp 29
German Morgenpost stamps5
Customs duty cancel on Norwegian definitive postage stamp4
Bogus stamps: Isö, Sweden21
Swiss postage meter stamps5
Swiss T-cancels on postage stamps stand for postage due0
Stranger on a strange land - Swiss postage stamp cancelled in UK6
A French mystery stamp (Exportation Qualité Réglementée) - export quality control stamp19
Beautiful Austria (Schönes Österreich) definitive postage stamp with strange cancel9
Of Sahara OCC RASD stamps9
Of Somali Republic stamp11
Private local postage stamps of Hamburg4
1945 China postage due stamp with double perf0
Interesting Japanese postmark16
Some classic revenue stamps of Japan (updated)3
WW2 Christmas seals2
Old christmas seals from Denmark4
1912 US Parcel Post stamp0
Modern forgery of classic postage stamps: Industrial Exhibition in Madrid (Spain) of 19078

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