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EFO stamps - Errors, freaks and oddities

This is index page for articles about EFO stamps - Errors, freaks and oddities . Please review the links below:

Small philatelic mystery from Umm-al-Quwain0
Hamburg 1864 2½ schilling postage stamp: unusual brownish khaki color, genuine or not?6
Hungary 1962 Birds of Prey postage stamp - inking EFO2
A more detailed look into anatomy of color shifts on modern postage stamps32
Lithuania 1992 Olympic postage stamps - perforation woes5
Soviet 50th anniv. of October revolution EFO4
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Italy6
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Spain2
Stamp misidentification made easy - a case of Canadian 50c Prairie Town Main Street stamp9
1970 Bulgaria Boats at Albena stamp - unlisted variety and other tidbits2
A more scientific view on color variations and changelings on postage stamps7
Serbian 1918 King Peter I and crown-prince Alexander stamp - a bizarre print variety3
Missing color on Guatemalan 1960 Spring Fair postage stamp4
Color variations on modern Cuban postage stamps2
Some interesting variations on modern Egyptian postage stamps0
Print flaw on Italian Alti Valore definitive postage stamp0
Unlisted perforation variety on 1969 Dubai postage stamp - real or fishy?18
Slurred printing on modern Brazilian definitive postage stamps6
Possible plate flaw on Brazilian 1961 Ouro Preto stamp4
Unlisted perforation variety on Afghan airmail stamp12
Some intriguing Soviet postage stamps14
Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stamps5
Australian Fine Art stamp series high values - color variation and specimen overprint22
USA "A partridge in a pear tree" Christmas postage stamp - EFO or color changeling?45
Unlisted doubleprint variety on German postage stamp10
The US 4c Dag Hammarskjold invert stamp error17
Minor variety on 1971 Kenya postage stamp0
Shifted overprint on Congo (Kinshasa) stamp2
Doubled gold frame error on Vietnamese stamp0
Hungarian 1973 definitive postage stamps with dark green color omitted2
1946 Hungarian stamp - color error or changeling?4
1954 Hungary Aviators Day stamp plate flaw0
Spanish double impression stamp: double print, kiss print or simply overinked? 7
Cyprus 1993 "Mufflon" error postage stamp4
A swedish coil stamp mystery10
1945 China postage due stamp with double perf0
US 8c Eisenhower stamp misperf error0
1997 American Holly greeting stamp color error0
Too much sun is harmful, even for stamps0

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