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Generally speaking - Deep thoughts about stamps, philately and life in general

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Modern(ish) African stamps - what's their true value/price/cost?0
10th anniversary of SCB - a retrospective6
If you love maps and history lessons...2
Follow the money - or what's wrong with philatelic publishing of today2
The unwritten laws of stamp collecting10
Have you ever seriously considered selling or pawning your stamp collection?10
Trinidad and Tobago 1960 60c perforation varieties (with a general rant on stamp catalog editorial quality)3
Beauty and the Beast: Inventorying not just quantity, but also quality8
Every stamp tells a story or more4
What do you do with hundreds of duplicates of uncommon stamps?5
To hell with catalog values10
Crash Boom Bang! (Or how stamp collecting has moved to 21st century digital world)5
Sincerely yours4
Poll: Stamps or knowledge. Which should come first?38
The insanity of collecting for completion21
Poll: How big is your stamp collection, and what is your cut-off date?58
Down the rabbit hole no more. Or how I learned about some highly illogical twists in the way I collect.6
Stamp collecting / philately is..?13
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 201714
The Power of Few7
Definitely Definitive11
A business 101 lesson on stamp collecting: Why making an extra buck with stamps is so easy, but why it rarely scales up as proper business9
Heaven and Hell - a stamp soaking experience9
Special speck of dust4
Does anyone collect stamps anymore (or what any aspiring philatelic blogger/writer should know about human search behaviour)10
Nordia 2016 stamp show - and why I won't be going5
Three practical tips every stamp collector can use to supercharge the way they collect19
How do you deal with collector's block?20
Lucky seven4
Updating the philatelic theory of relativity4
Germany "BEZAHLT" and why You too should try to become a polyglot7
Philatelic vocabulary4
Musings of a stamp collecting tv-loving history buff7
What do you consider a common stamp?29
Is the cost of becoming a stamp collector too high for the kids of today?26
Five things you should know about stamp blogging16
The real value of Elvis and other celebs on stamps - what pop culture on postage stamps has left us with?8
Yet Another Epic Failure From Stanley Gibbons21
Automated stamp recognition9
Is it OK to give negative feedback? 17
Photographing places and locations behind stamp designs10
The driving force behind specialization13
Life, Stamps and Everything7
Happy stamp dad (updated)45
Do you have an exit strategy? 12
Sharing your passion 7
The many faces of stamp collecting33
A new, more detailed look into number of different worldwide stamps issued62
The art of coloring0
What do You do with stamps that have foxing / rust? 55
Confessions of an aging stamp collector. 58
Revolution and evolution17
What makes a happy stamp collector?33
Progress and satisfaction6
The Hobby of Kings - is it truly for the rich? 14
Of common good and volunteer work5
The more I learn of this hobby, the less I realize that I actually know7
Time and devotion7
Confessions of a hoarder24
Building Knowledge Through Experience12
My favorite stamps25
About difference between a stamp collector and philatelist42
Besides stamps what other hobbies do you have? 9
How to create perfect cross-references between Scott, Michel, Stanley Gibbons etc. stamp catalogue - legally66
The anatomy of (stamp) fun30
How to get youth and young adults into stamp collecting 30
Competitive exhibiting stinks12
Which of these stamps went up in value? 2
The numbers game6
In search of perfect stamp exchange recipe10
Keeping track of stamp collection299
Is a complete all-era worldwide stamp collection possible?57

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