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Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps4
AOF 1947 definitive stamps - perforation mystery0
German (Reich) hyperinflation era postage stamps - fake vs. genuine postmarks4
Dienstmarke vs Dienstmarke: the story behind two kinds of East German (DDR) official stamps2
Long postage stamp series of Spain2
Bahrain definitive stamp series of 1976/1980 - varieties2
Fiume postage stamp forgeries2
Many faces of Indonesian Suharto definitive postage stamps of 1980/1987 (or quick peek into world of various meshes and screens in photogravure printing)0
Mosden postage stamps of Philippines2
Postage stamps of Kingdom of Sedang (Deh Sedang)3
A classic forgery of Van Diemens Land Chalon postage stamp4
How accurate (or inaccurate) are traditional stamp perforation gauge results3
"Technik und Landschaft" Series3
"Eidgenössisches Kreuz" Series10
Algerian Setif,Guelma,Kherrata stamps of 19752
Introduction to Belgian precancels5
From crown jewel to pariah: a postage stamp filled history lesson from Aden to Yemen2
Type Duval postage due stamps of France2
German ATM stamps (aka. Klüssendorf) - rethinking how to organize9
New Zealand KGV definitive postage stamps- how different stamp catalogs approach the stamps, and what you can learn from it10
Agency stamps - the good, the bad, and the ugly10
How common are forgeries of classic postage stamps? And why are they so plenty? 5
Is collecting a complete worldwide stamp collection possible? Take III - the final word - money and catalog values26
Forgeries of Lebanese postage stamps2
Latvian definitive postage stamps series of 2014/2016 "flowers"2
The Red and Black postage due stamps of Hungary16
Indore postage stamps of 1904/08 - engraved, litho, or both?7
Charkhari stamps2
Postal forgeries of modern Chinese stamps6
Dutch Armenwet (poors law) postage stamps4
French postage stamps: Marianne by Decaris - types I and II17
New Zealand 1960 pictorial postage stamps - mystery after mystery unravelled13
Philippine definitive postage stamp series of 1991 "Flowers" - what the major catalogs don't tell you about it7
1970 Bulgaria Boats at Albena stamp - unlisted variety and other tidbits2
A more scientific view on color variations and changelings on postage stamps7
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine, lesson 3 - North Korea 1967 postal forgery4
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine, lesson 2 - a case of 1870 Spanish Allegory of Hispania3
Making sense of plates, dies and watermarks of KGV postage stamps (of Ceylon)2
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine - a case study of Spanish 1854 Una Unza official stamp2
Forgeries of Spanish State 1936 definitive postage stamps0
Puzzled by size difference in pair of 1906 Liberian OS (Official Service) postage stamps0
Men who changed postage stamp design forever2
From British Southeast Asia to Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia - traveling through history with postage stamps5
How to identify litho from photogravure in postage stamp printing2
Cancellation forgeries on Finnish stamps0
Microprinting varieties on Ukrainian definitive postage stamps0
Unlisted perforation varieties on Ecuador Timbre Escolar postage stamps2
War of the Pacific: overprints on Peruvian postage stamps2
Some observations about Serbian 1905 King Peter stamps and it's forgeries3
Common but generally unrecognized varieties on Polish definitive stamps2
Greek Landscapes postage stamp series of 1927 - separating different (re-engraved) prints from each other9
Greek tragedy in perf thirteen and one quarter (or why modern postage stamps are worth checking in detail)3
Montenegro 1896 Cetanje monestry postage stamp - genuine vs forgery by Fournier7
Indian Capital of Asoka Pillar official postage stamps8
Difficulty of collecting Chinese stamps30
Definitive postage stamps of Japan: "Animal, plant and national treasure" series17
Postage stamps of Caribbean (commonwealth) - part II4
Postage stamps of Anglophone Caribbean5
Reprints or forgeries of Haitian postage stamps of 19045
Forgeries (or reprints) of Ajman postage stamps7
Argentinian definitive stamp series of 1954/76 pt.4: other designs with double border frames6
Argentinian definitive stamp series of 1954/76 pt.3: portraits8
Argentinian definitive stamp series of 1954/76 pt2: Jose de San Martin10
Argentinian definitive stamp series of 1954/76 pt1: introduction16
Yugoslavia definitive postage stamp series of 1971/1989 "Tourism (city views)"12
Romanian definitive postage stamp series of 1991 "Hotels, lodges and resorts of Romania"25
Forgeries of classic Ecuador postage stamps11
A primer on organizing US Washington-Franklin stamps of 1908/192227
South African definitive postage stamps of 1926/1954 - meet the Springbok and other iconic designs3
Equatorial Guinea - a country with lost philatelic reputation33
Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps – pt. III10
Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps - pt. II0
Postage stamps of colonial Nigeria19
Definitive postage stamps of Italy: Italia Turrita aka. Syracuse coin30
Austria 1908 jubilee stamp series - perforation woes12
Portuguese definitive postage stamps series of 1972/74 "Landscapes and Monuments"12
Portuguese definitive postage stamp series of 1953/55 "Cavalinho"20
Środkowa Litwa - postage stamps of Central Lithuania20
1955 General Franco stamp series of Spain35
Security features of Canadian high value mammal definitive postage stamps10
Brazilian definitive postage stamps of 1920-1941 "Série vovó"97
Hermes and Iris definitive postage stamp series of Greece8
Japanese hometown (Furusato / prefecture) postage stamps24
About early Japanese postmarks18
Czechoslovakian 1945/47 definitive postage stamp series: Portraits17
Czechoslovakian Masaryk postage stamps of 1925 -192722
Postage stamps of Azerbaijan throughout different periods in history21
Poland 1950 Rebuilding of Warsaw postage stamps11
Persian mystery - 1906 Provisoire postage stamps with unlisted overprint13
Argentina 1862 Coat of Arms stamp - a common counterfeit3
Collecting stamps of Trucial states (1973-) – United Arab Emirates6
Collecting stamps of Trucial states (1963-1973) - the stamps of sheikdoms of Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Manama, Dubai, Fujeira, Ras al-Khaima, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain4
Collecting stamps of Trucial states (1892- 1963) - British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia, Trucial States6
Hungarian 1986/1991 definitive postage stamp series: "Castles I"12
1977 South African (RSA) definitive stamp series "Protea plants"22
Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps8
The US 4c Dag Hammarskjold invert stamp error17
1877 3d red Samoa Times Express stamp10
UK 1971 strike mail letter from Malawi4
The Camel Postman stamps of Sudan - evolution of a classic8
Goddess of plenty - more about Seebeck postage stamp reprints4
Seebeck postage stamp reprints3
Five-year Plan definitive postage stamps of East Germany (DDR/GDR)40
My Stamp collection22
Stamp trading should be equally beneficial3
Damn unsoakable (American) postage stamps. Or if you can't soak them, then...86
Lundy Puffin postage stamps47
Introduction to United States Precancels20
Swedish Landstormen semipostal postage stamps0
Classic Austrian / Austro-Hungarian postage stamps40

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