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Subscriptions – Help and FAQ

Table of contents

General questions answered

Q: Why is this blog available for subscribers only?
A: When I started Stamp Collecting Blog in early 2009, I never imagined it to become so popular. Like most websites it started with just few readers, but by 2013 it had grown a lot and reached 150-200.000 unique visitors each year. This kind of numbers are awesome, but the annual fees to keep it all up and running were piling up (in excess of $3,000/year).

In December 2015, I approached the readers with financial status of SCB and polled the readers with various options regarding the future of SCB. Based on the reader responses and other feedback I made a decision to remove all ads (in the end why have ads if they don’t provide enough revenue to cover running costs) and place all content for subscribers only. This has proven to be very effective way to put  strains on costs as well as move the financial responsibility to people reading and consuming the information I share.

Q: Why should I become a Premium subscriber?
A: Long story short, because that is the only alternative if you want full and unlimited access to everything there is. In addition, all premium subscriptions provide funds witch are essential to support this website and it’s future operations.

Right now (in August 2017) SCB has got over 500 philatelic articles/studies, over 10.000 comments/reader responses, downloadable eBooks, hundreds of listed resources, stamp exchange, postal entities list etc. And the numbers are increasing. Being a Premium subscriber gives you full and unlimited access to everything this site provides.

Q: What about the free trial subscription?
A: Free trial subscription is, as the name suggests, a free trial. You can access only 12 pages (in addition of my stamp exchange and my collection, both of which do not account for the quota) for period of six months. After that you must make a decision to sign up with paid plan or leave.

Q: Why a subscription? Why not simply donations?
A: Shortly put governing (Finnish) legislation makes donations extremely difficult (= illegal) to implement for other than non-profit organizations.

Q: How to sign up with Premium plan (step-by-step)?
A: This is pretty simple.

Step 1. Enter your email on the ‘free subscription’ box and hit Sign up button

Step 2. Within the next 3 minutes you will receive a piece of email containing your credentials to service.
If you signed up with the bi-weekly newsletter on the same, you will receive a separate ‘opt in’ email on that as well. This is because the legislation requires a ‘specific act of content’ for things such as newsletters.

Q: How to sign up with Premium plan (step-by-step)?
A: This should be pretty straightforward…

Step 1. Click the Sign Up / Paypal button anywhere on this site

Step 2. Review the payment, and login to Your PayPal account to make the payment

Step 3. Approve payment

Step 4. That’s all… Once PayPal has processed your payment, you will get three different emails. One from PayPal confirming that your credit card has been charged, and two from the blog (one containing receipt of your order, the other containing your login credentials to Premium membership service).

Q: How do I get the PDF eBooks ?
A: When you log on as Premium subscriber, you will see “Premium downloads” section on top of the main page. Then simply select the book to download.

Q: What is the book like? Can I get a sample?
A: Sure: view sample page.

All stories in the book have been published on the blog, but there are some enhancements as well as updates with the contents.

I tried to subscribe, but failed

Q: I subscribed and everything seems to have completed successfully. However, I have not received any email/credentials. How should I proceed?

A: First, check your inbox once more. Usually the messages are sent out instantly but sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes before they are delivered.

Second, if the messages are not found on your inbox, then check your junk mail folder. Most email providers delete or block all email from unknown senders (adding domain to your email whitelist is highly recommended for everyone).

If the messages are not your junkmail folder neither, then your ISP has likely deleted them automatically. For example AOL is notorious for this practice. In such case contact us (using the form on bottom of this page).

Q: I received “Subscription saved, but failed to mail login credentials. Please contact us and well submit your credentials manually.” What does it mean and how should I proceed?

A: In short it means that the system saved your subscription, but failed to mail the login credentials to the email account given.

The most common reason for this is that you made a typing error with your email. Another possibility is that your email service provider is down / not responding.

In case of ‘free subscription’ you can proceed simply by registering again with correct email address.

In case of ‘premium subscription’ you should always contact us (use the form on bottom of this page).

Q: I just received an email from guy named Keijo (using email) asking if I’m having any issues with my login. Is this valid service or am I being scammed?

A: These emails are real, and I’m sending out these messages whenever the system notifies me that something might be wrong with the user. A usual example is when the user has subscribed but never logged in.

The reason I’m using gmail address for the contacts is that if the recipients system blocks emails from (the usual cause of problems), then an alternative email must be used.

However, please be aware that under any circumstances I will never ask your login credentials and you should never hand them out to anyone.

Q: I received “Requested action aborted, because it seems this device has already got active signups. You can have only one active signup at a time.” What does it mean and how should I proceed?

A: By default free subscriptions are limited to one active account per user, and one way to monitor this is to use so called ‘device fingerprinting’ technology. If device with specific characteristics has been used previously, it (and any device with same characteristics) is locked for the next 12 months. Though the technology is not ‘full proof’ (ie. false positives will happen sometimes), it is accurate enough for the purpose.

If you are sure that you don’t already have an active free subscription, please contact us (use the form on bottom of this page) and we’ll manually create you a new account.

I lost (or can’t remember) my username / password!

Q: I lost (or can’t remember) my username/password. How do I get a new one?
A: Just leave a message using the form on bottom of this page, and I’ll get back to You.


Q: I have got my username and password, but I still cannot login. What’s wrong and how do I proceed?
A:  The first thing you must do is to identify the cause of the situation.

When you try to login, you should either experience a success, or receive some kind of error message such as ‘Login failed. Either your login has expired or you made a typing error. Please check your login credentials.

If you receive error message such as above, it is a clear indication that either your subscription has elapsed, or you have made a typo.   Please check the details of your subscription. Both username and password (as well as quick login link) are all case-sensitive (LARGE and small letters must be written as is).

If you do not see any kind of error message and the page seems to be loading up for more than 5-10 seconds, then you should close the browser  window and try again in few minutes time.  The situation can be caused by a number of things between your browser and SCB experiencing heavy stress and/or slow load times.

If you do not see any kind of error message, and the pages loads up quickly but you still fail to login, then either your web browser or some proxy server in your network is serving old/outdated/false pieces of information.  To clear up this old information you should do two steps:

Step 1: visit
This page will try to remove all SCB related cookies and storage data from your browser. You can try re-login after completing this step.
If this step works do not proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Manually clear up browsers cache. This page by Google Support provides advice on how to do it with Chrome and other browsers

If all this fails to provide a resolution (or feels too complex), please leave a message below and you will be assisted in person.

Q: Why is there no option for me to reset my password? Why do I have get in touch with you?
A: Simply because that’s the way things work here.

Q: I just received an email from guy named Keijo (using email) asking if I’m having any issues with my login. Is this valid service or am I being scammed?

A: These emails are real, and I’m sending out these messages whenever the system notifies me that something might be wrong with the user. A usual example is when the user has subscribed but never logged in. The reason I’m using gmail address for the contacts is that if the recipients system blocks emails from (the usual cause of problems), then an alternative email must be used. However, please be aware that under any circumstances I will never ask your login credentials and you should never hand them out to anyone.

I want to change my username / password, how do I do it

Q: How do I change my password or username to something I could easily remember?
A:  You can’t do it for the time being. Password change (as well as username change) will become possible (for Premium users) sometime in Q3/2016. If you have forgotten your password or username, then see the previous section.

The main philosophy behind fixed (one year) usernames and passwords is relatively simple. A number of studies (and security breaches worldwide) have shown that most people are lazy when it comes to passwords. They either use very simple passwords (such as ‘password’) or rotate the same password from service to service (which can cause severe issues if any of the services experiences a security breach). Having fully arbitrary data (which expires periodically) is much better for the security of everyone.

Custom usernames are also a bit complicated because a lot of people rotate the same aliases from service to service. This makes them an easy target for possible misuse attempts.

So all in all it is recommended best practice to stick with the username and password given.


Q: What is this KK Mediat company that I see on PayPal, and on my receipt ? I thought this was your personal blog?
A: This is my personal blog. And KK Mediat has been my business (providing B2B services/solutions) for the past 12 years.

It’s easier for me to accept payments like this through my business than in person. Additionally, I get my accountant to do all the ‘boring’ paper work with taxes etc 😉

Q: I don’t use PayPal. Can I pay otherwise?
A. Yes, you can.

PayPal allows you to pay directly (using your Debit or Credit card) without becoming a becoming PayPal member. When you click the ‘Subscribe now’ button, this is what the page you will land upon looks like:

Notice the area circled on red. If you click that button, it will take you to step where you can do a one-time payment with your debit or credit card.

Alternatively, If you live inside EU, you can pay using IBAN bank transfer. Just drop me a comment below, and I’ll email the banking details required.

Q: Can I get a receipt for my purchase?
A: Yes. You will get an receipt of your purchase to email associated to your PayPal account shortly after your purchase. Please do notice that this receipt is different from the one You get from PayPal.

Q: I checked my email. I did not receive any kind of message or receipt. What’s the problem?
A: Very likely the email message has been marked as spam / junk mail.

First, check your email’s trash / junk mail folder. Sometimes messages get appointed there.

If that fails, then the message(s) have been held/removed by your ISP. In that case, please leave a message using the comment form below, and I’ll get back to You.

Q: Does my membership renew automatically?
A: No. Once your subscription period (365 days) is over, then it’s genuinely over and you need to subscribe again.

Q: I changed my mind, and I’d like to get a refund. Is it possible?
A: No. Due to nature of this service refunds are not provided.

Q: Can I sell or transfer my Premium subscription?
A: Yes, you can. However, please remember that You may not sell / transfer the same subscription more than once. If any misuse of subscription account is noticed, that specific account is closed down immediately without advance notice.

Q: Can I purchase more than one Premium subscription?
A: Yes, you can. There’s no limit how many You can buy.

Please do note that each subscription is handled individually, and having multiple subscriptions WILL NOT extend your subscription period.

55 responses on “Subscriptions – Help and FAQ”
  1. Federico Muguruza says:

    Hi Keijo!…As you can see, I’m a premium subscriber now…but, the question is, Have to put my user name & password every time I log in the blog?…I don’t think it is convenient don’t you?



  2. Keijo says:

    @Fred… Think the login system of SCB as the login with your web email.

    If you use it on a public computer, then you should login/logout specifically each and every time because the device is shared by number of people (and you don’t want them having access to your accounts and details).

    But if you use it on personal/private computer or mobile, then all you have to do is sign in once and never log out (as you are the only user on the device). The system will ‘kick you out’ automatically when your subscription expires. That said, if you are asked to login time and again on the same device, then the culprit is likely some security program or security setting that clears the cookies of your browser (either on specific interval or events such as when closing the browser)… You would be surprised how many ‘security’ programs do this and drive their unaware users nuts, LOL.

    If you need help in solving the cause behind this, you know my email 😉


  3. Federico Muguruza says:

    Yes K. it works as you said…thanks!

  4. Pawel says:

    Is there any possibility that the subpage called “Misc updates, notices etc.” is added to the not-counting-towards-the-free-subscription-total pages? It does not feature stamp-related contents, after all.

  5. Keijo says:

    @Pawel…. Not possible in a way that it would undo (or decrease) already viewed pages. This is a technical limitation and not possible to circumvent easily.

    That said, I don’t think it should be excluded even on the first place. In a way it is the same ‘non-stamp’ stuff that all the articles in ‘Updates’ category except in shorter format. They are part of the article package despite being (on most parts) non-stamp related. Consider them as the ‘editorial announcements’ of a magazine.

    In a way it is way easier to remember what does not add up as usage:
    – Homepage
    – Category/index listings
    – Resources (which comes with limited data for free members)
    – My collection
    – Subscribe and subscriber FAQ/help
    – Newsletter subscription
    – About
    – Search
    – Digital perforation tool
    Everything else increases the free usage counter.

    I acknowledge that reaching the free account usage limits can be frustrating especially if you feel there’s a page that has not been useful. But in a way that is the ‘true cost’ of free subscription. IMHO the current offer of 12 free pages in addition of all above is more than generous, and leaves enough room for random ‘hit and miss’.

    IMHO a more proper question is what does it take to convert regular free readers such as yourself into paid subscription (because that is and will be the only way for SCB to survive years ahead)? Feel free to send response through email if you do not want to respond publicly…


  6. Keijo says:

    @Everyone… Since Dec 1st SCB has been having problems delivering emails to and other Bell operated emails.  I am in the process of writing a support request to Bell postmaster, but the resolution will take anywhere from few hours up to few days depending on how busy they are.

    In case you have not received your credentials, don’t be alarmed as they will be delivered to you shortly.



  7. keijo says:

    And to continue with the previous (Dec 2nd) status….

    The situation is still unchanged.  For the time being all emails sent to Bell-maintained email (,, and bounce back rejected.   I have emailed Bell postmaster about two weeks back, no response so far.  Today I left a support request on their public support page (though it is not the correct place) just to get some intelligent human interaction on whether or not somebody is even reading that inbox (as supposed).

    I think I’ve located the issue, and it seems to go back to very old (2010) record on blacklist service that is severely outdated and should not be used by anyone (as it blocks about 60% of internet as potentially harmful). Having a hard time believing any business would rely/use such data, but I’ve read a number of similar incidents all pointing back the combination of two services (and miserable failures in trying to get in touch with Bell postmaster).

    But I’ll keep on trying as proper email delivery is essential (what a fun way to spend Christmas holidays, LOL)




  8. David says:

    À Happy New Year ,

    Just a few words about your planned changes to SCB.

    Like any consumer, I hate to see a rise in prices. Your reasoning and rational for your planned subscription increase is well presented. I am a paid subscriber for many reasons. One of them is the valu for money I get from the subscription. I also like your philosophy on how your run SCB.  I like the fact I am supporting a business person who gives great deal of time and effort to a small community of collectors.  I may not post or comment often but I use your site often just for general education on our hobby.

    The fact that you engage, and ask for feedback is most encouraging. You are creating  content that people actually want.  In this day in age, One can no longer expect ” free” things.  There is always a cost somewhere.

    I look forward to the changes you propose to implement this year.

    On another note, you mentioned issues with BELL services.  I have not had emails from SCB for several months. I had assumed because of time issues you may have stopped sending them.   As a BELL customer I can raise issues from my end.

    Please continue with the great work.




  9. Keijo says:

    @David… Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Re, the email issues with Bell… Yes, it is the reason why you (and others with Bell email) have not been receiving newsletters or any other emails since beginning of December. I eventually found a support channel with Bell (through an non-official website, their official support channels simply do not work with things like this), and the issue is still on works. Just checked my inbox this morning and now there is a message from Bell support stating ‘According to our network team, the issue should be resolved. If the problem is ongoing, would you mind sending a more recent header.’ (already have submitted them two samples).

    So if you receive today’s newsletter all has been fixed. And if you do not receive then I’ll be messaging more with Bell’s support team.
    (update: based on bounce reports for this latest newsletter, emails to Bell still get rejected. So the issue and efforts to solve it will continue. )

    All in all this Bell issue a good example of the ‘underground work’ that happens with SCB… Something as simple as sending a biweekly newsletter requires not just typing the content, but also technical knowledge, manwork , and other resources ($$$) to make sure it gets delivered. It may be just an email, but the ‘real cost’ of it something other than free. Still cheaper than sending hundreds of printed letters through Finnish Post though (new increased rates came into force two weeks back), LOL


  10. my password doesnt work

  11. Keijo says:

    Hi Peter,

    it seems your Premium subscription has expired few days back, and as such you cannot login. All you’ve got to do is re-subscribe, after which you’ll receive a new set of login credentials. Hope this gets you going.

    (and yes, I am in the process of building a system that will send email reminders to people about expiring accounts.)



  12. Alton O'Neal says:

    my password doesnt work

  13. Keijo says:

    @Alton… There is no subscriber with the email/name given in our database. So first things first you should subscribe 😉


  14. David says:

    Thanks for the update about the “BELL” issues.  Since I am not getting the emails, I just have to remember to check in more often to see what is new.  It’s seems that I do end up exploring the Blog .


  15. Keijo says:

    @David… ‘Exploring’ the blog is good – wish more people would do it ;)

  16. Keijo says:

    @David (and all others using Bell/Sympatico emails)…  The issue is finally fixed , and a special edition of the newsletter (containing the most essential highs and lows in recent months) has been sent to all who missed out the true action.


  17. David says:


    Glad to report that the news letter arrived in my inbox today.  Thanks


  18. Kenneth Kornblum says:

    I have forgotten my password.  I hope I can get a new one.  Thanks, Ken Kornblum

  19. Keijo says:

    @Ken… Email is on its way. Please check your inbox.


  20. Rick Young says:

    K-man, I can’t log in. Has my subscription expired? Thanks.

  21. Keijo says:

    @Rick… Yep, it has expired some time back.


  22. Doug Hadley says:

    I can’t seem to login.  Need name and password reset.



  23. Keijo says:

    @Doug… Email on its way to you.


  24. Anthony aka Tony Hodgson says:

    Hi Keijo  After using a  CC the log on details have been removed, When I try to log on again I am told it is invalid user name and password.

    Can you please help with this problem,  thank you

  25. Keijo says:

    @Tony… Email on its way. Please check your inbox.


  26. bill hinton says:

    Keijo: Could you resend me the link so I can have access without having to log in?

  27. Keijo says:

    @Bill… Email on its way. Please check your inbox.


  28. Jeannette van Reek says:

    Hi Keijo, I can’t login anymore after some problem with my pc:-)  again..


    could you please resend me the link?



  29. Keijo says:

    @Jeannette… Email on its way. Please check your inbox.


  30. William Leslie says:


    It has been a a while since I last logged in, But your New Zealand KGV article caught my eye. Would you please send me my username/password when able?



  31. Keijo says:

    @Bill… Email on its way. Please check your inbox.


  32. Howard Gordon says:

    Please advise my user name and password.

    Howard Gordon

  33. Keijo says:

    @Howard… Email on its way. Please check your inbox.


  34. Cecil Reams says:

    Hello, forgot user name and password,

  35. Keijo says:

    @Cecil… Email on its way. Please check your inbox (and if not there, then look at the junk mail folder).


  36. Philip LaFramboise says:

    I don’t remember where I put my login info.Will you please resent the info.Thanks

  37. Keijo says:

    @Philip…. Email sent, please check your inbox (and if you can’t see my message there, then take a look on the junk mail folder).


  38. Charles Grim says:

    I’m not sure whether it is to do with my new computer or just that I’m messing up the password or user name, but in any event I can’t get in and I do have a premium account.

    Can you help?

  39. Keijo says:

    @Charles… Email on its way to you. Please check your inbox (or if you don’t see my message there, then check the junk mail folder).


  40. Rick Young says:

    Keijo, I must have my username or password wrong. Thanks.

  41. Keijo says:

    @Rick… Email on its way to you. Please check your mail.


  42. Cindy says:

    Hi Keijo, I forgot my password LOL, sorry about bothering you… ^_^  Hope your weekend is going well. Kiitos!



  43. Keijo says:

    Hi Cindy,

    no worries. Just prepared some pizza sauce and dough, so now have got about two hours of stamp/SCB time before heading back to kitchen to make world’s greatest pizza for a bunch of hungry kids 😉 … Email on the way.


  44. Rolf says:

    Hi Keijo

    I lost my username and password, unfotunately. Could you send me an e-mail with the information. Would be great☺

  45. Keijo says:

    Hi Rolf,

    It seems there is no account assigned to your (current) email. So either you have not subscribed before, or alternatively you have used some other email address when signing up( and I would need to know which email it was in order to locate your details).


  46. Gerald Turner says:


    I need to change my email address that you use.

    I believe the old email has been compromised.


  47. Keijo says:

    @Gerald… Just updated your new information to database, and everything should be working all ok. If you experience any troubles with the login or emails, do not hesitate to contact.


  48. rik says:

    lost user/Pword plz help

  49. Keijo says:

    @Rik… Email sent. Please check your inbox (/junkmail folder).

  50. David Bryant says:

    I know that I joined but cannot remember at what level nor can I remember the log in details. Can you please help.

  51. Keijo says:

    @David… Sending you email in few minutes time. Please check your inbox (or if you don’t see it there, then check your junk mail folder).


  52. Arnold Nuckles says:

    I am trying to use option 2 but cannot create a password, etc.

  53. Keijo says:

    Hi Arnold,

    you should have by now received your user name and password to your inbox. If you don’t see the welcome messages at your inbox, then check your junk mail folder as well.

    If you are unable to locate the messages at either locations, then your internet service provider has likely blocked the delivery of messages. In such scenario drop another note here, and I’ll personally email the required credentials to you from another address.

    Oh, and welcome to SCB.


  54. Jacqui says:

    Hi Keijo

    My user code and password are not working – either manually or using the quick link (which I prefer).  Grateful you adjust accordingly.  Thanks in advance.  Jacqui

  55. Keijo says:

    @Jacqui… Email on its way to you. Please check your inbox ( and if you don’t see my message there, then check the junk mail folder).

    @everyone… I have removed 100+ old (pre-2017) support requests/responses from this page. They were on large accounts ‘lost my username/password requests’ and as such not worth preserving.
    Over the years some readers have asked me what’s the point of making/keeping these support requests and their responses public – especially as most of the issues are one-on-one ‘lost username/password’ type of questions. The reason for my decision is three old.

    First, having access to old support requests/responses shows new subscribers how the system works. All you need to do is ask for help/assistance.

    Second, it adds up trust to system when you know that something happens based on your feedback, and you know the question is not buried in the system. It is all about transparency.

    And third, I believe that seeing old requests/responses lowers the barrier to ask for help or report faults. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed with it.


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