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My stamp collection

Whether you are looking for information about my collection (what I have/what I need), or how I organize my collection (and what you could learn from it), or possibly a list of postal entities for your ASFE (A Stamp From Every country) collection, then I’m quite sure the following pages will prove useful. The tables and summaries in these pages provide not just a detailed look of my worldwide stamp collection (of 110.000+ different stamps) but also a constantly evolving list of postal entities of the past and present and their connections with each other. All the stated “stamps issued”-numbers are based on Michel stamp catalog ‘major number’ listings. Please do acknowledge that this has been a work-in-progress for past 15+ years,  and like all works containing thousands upon thousands of rows of numerical and historical data, there may be some inaccurate or missing pieces. View my stamp collection / […]

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