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Stamp forgeries

This is index page for articles about Stamp forgeries . Please review the links below:

How common are forgeries of classic stamps? And why are they so plenty? 5
Lebanese stamp forgeries2
Indore stamps of 1904/08 - engraved, litho, or both?7
Charkhari stamps2
Nabha fake overprint - a possible Hialeah forgery?4
Postal forgeries of modern Chinese stamps6
Marginal notes about stamps of Italy6
Dutch Armenwet stamps4
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine, lesson 2 - a case of 1870 Spanish Allegory of Hispania3
How to check if a stamp is a forgery or genuine - a case study of Spanish 1854 Una Unza official stamp2
Forgeries of Spanish State 1936 definitives0
Men who changed stamp design forever2
Cancellation forgeries on Finnish stamps0
Some observations about Serbian 1905 King Peter stamps and it's forgeries3
Montenegro 1896 Cetanje monestry forgery by Fournier7
A modern Soviet forgery7
Some unissued Russian Civil war era stamps from Armenia8
Klaipeda forgeries8
Reprints or forgeries of Haitian issue of 19045
Venezuela 1896 Apoteosis De Miranda forgeries5
Forgeries (or reprints) of Ajman stamps7
Azerbaijan stamps of 1923: forgery times two5
Belgium 1882/1894 Parcel Post stamp forgeries8
Forgeries of classic Ecuador stamps11
Forgery of Camp Post Hanau stamp / label8
Some Chinese stamps - cancellation forgeries or something else? 18
Stamps of Azerbaijan21
Persian mystery - 1906 Provisoire stamps with unlisted overprint13
Argentina 1862 Coat of Arms - a common counterfeit stamp3
Angola bogus stamps - and a story behind Fournier forgery9
1877 3d red Samoa Times Express stamp10
Goddess of plenty - more about Seebeck reprints4
Seebeck reprints3
German colonies Yacht stamp issue 0
Industrial Exhibition in Madrid - modern forgery of classic stamp8

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