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Philatelic tidbits

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Understanding Canadian (small sized) definitive stamp series3
Canadian 1983 World University Games postage stamp - perforation variant or something else8
Some new (unlisted) perforation variants on stamps of Cameroon3
Unlisted variants on Cameroon fruit definitive stamps3
Some variations on common Cote d'Ivoire stamps0
Boite Mobile postmark and other musings with stamps of French Madagascar0
Of Portugal / Azores 1925 "Padrões da Grande Guerra" postage stamp varieties and forgeries1
Forgeries of 1946 Syrian Qanawat airmail stamps2
Forgeries of 1940s Japanese definitive postage stamps3
Those green lines on back of Brazilian postage stamps...0
Random notes and observations about postage stamps of modern day Algeria0
Misc observations and notes from postage stamps of French Algeria0
British postage stamps with discount backprints (underprints)0
Printmaker's abbreviations on postage stamps2
Indonesian 5-year plan (PELITA) postage stamps5
SCB Reader project: Funny stamps9
Croatia that never was - postage stamps of NDH Government in Exile9
Australia 2004 Red Lacewing stamp - new perforation variety surfaces0
France 2011 Precancelled postage stamp - unlisted variant or forgery4
A general rant on stamp catalog editorial quality3
Papua New Guinea Commonwealth Games / ANPEX82 postage stamp - new perforation variety0
Paraguay 1937 Church of Incarnation airmail postage stamp - genuine or fake4
Random notes on Guatemalan postage stamps2
Saint Petersburg local make-up postage stamps1
Postal tax stamps always have got a purpose2
Chalky vs ordinary stamp paper11
Twice the fun with two-part postage stamps. Or why half the stamp is sometimes better than none!4
Thank goodness, they're all Cancelled-To-Order5
Finland 2002 Lion definitive postage stamp - original vs. reprint0
Beautiful Stamps of the World – August 2017 edition8
Forgery of 1944 Barcelona postal tax stamp (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona)2
Beautiful Stamps of the World – July 2017 edition18
Hamburg 1864 2½ schilling postage stamp: unusual brownish khaki color, genuine or not?6
Beautiful Stamps of the World - June 2017 edition24
Perforation varieties on Polish postage stamps of the 1950s5
Some new discoveries on postage stamps of Sri Lanka7
Netherlands Antilles postage stamp series "Disberg"12
The dreaded dash as stamp catalogue value5
Siam 1914 postage stamps: overprint types4
Czechoslovakia EXPO58 commemorative stamp: perforation variety or something else?10
Some observations on Saudi Arabian 1949 airmail stamps12
Perforation varieties on Sudanese 1962/75 Sennar Dam postage stamp12
Argentina UP stamps2
Malawi CANCELLED postage stamps3
Peruvian Pro Desocupados postal tax stamps6
Stamp data visualization - or how to review postage stamp related data in fun and visual way4
Swedish discount postage stamps0
Czechoslovakia 1976 Use Zip Code coil stamps8
Charkhari pictorial stamps of 19312
A Nabha postage stamp with fake overprint - possible a Hialeah forgery4
Soviet 50th anniv. of October revolution EFO4
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Israel4
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Finland6
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Germany3
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Italy6
Marginal notes about postage stamps of Spain2
Artifacts of war - when philately / stamp collecting and military history collide4
Some South Vietnam varieties that major western stamp catalogs omit (and a small give-away)15
Space Oddity on Ecuador 1966 postage stamps6
There is something terribly, terribly wrong with this postage stamp4
SCB's Free Digital Perforation Gauge is here13
Rare modern postage stamp - a difficult but not impossible combination4
Pakistan 1994 definitive postage stamp series "Muhammad Ali Jinnah" and its varieties4
Genuine color varieties that stamp catalogs omit0
Stamp misidentification made easy - a case of Canadian 50c Prairie Town Main Street stamp9
Sharjah Post Day 1969 postage stamp unlisted in Michel. Why?23
Overinking or something else on North Korean 1963 Orange Catchfly postage stamp?2
North Korea 1976 postage stamp - unlisted perf variety7
Color variations on Zambian 3 ngwee National Dancing Troupe postage stamp9
How to implement a postage stamp that is an utter catastrophe from stamp collector point of view9
Few minor print flaws on Turkish postage stamps4
Constant variations on 1970 Ecuadorian butterfly postage stamp0
SCB visits Aland Islands10
When stamp catalog gets it wrong, who's to blame?25
Interesting print varieties on 1988 Bulgarian postage stamps4
Interesting variety on 1922 Belgian Houyoux / Albert III postage stamp6
Merry Christmas everyone9
Swiss 2009 Pro Juventute postage stamp - die cut error0
If you are a postage stamp catalog publisher, the most stupid thing you can do is...14
Unlisted perforation varieties on classic Montenegro postage stamps0
A modern Soviet stamp forgery7
Some unissued Russian Civil war era postage stamps from Armenia8
The unidentifiable uglies - or how I deal with postage stamps of Indian states8
New perforation discoveries on Liberian postage stamps7
Klaipeda postage stamp forgeries8
Some useful tidbits about Hong Kong definitive postage stamps21
You always learn something new from the stamps...8
Reprints of 1950s Romanian postage stamps8
Guyana flower stamp with (Michel) unlisted overprint2
Venezuela 1896 Apoteosis De Miranda postage stamp forgeries5
Few unusual postage stamps from the 1970s Trucial sheikdoms4
More about perforation varieties on Dubai postage stamps8
Azerbaijan stamps of 1923: forgery times two5
Fake postmark on German occupation of Macedonia stamp2
My special stamp exchanges of 201350
Is this the future of self-adhesive postage stamps?12
Transjordan 1942 postage stamp - possible forgery4
Argentina 1908 San Martin definitive stamps8
Philatelic tidbits of modern Ecuador stamps7
Ecuador 1916 stamp variety: wet printing or something else?19
Some observations on postage stamp printing practices of Central American nations0
History and culture of Central American nations on postage stamps40
Soak US - what US stamps You can soak, and what not15
Glimpses of Africa through postage stamps14
King Farouk of Egypt postage stamps obliterated5
Print flaw on Italian Alti Valore definitive postage stamp0
A Sweet Bite of Brazilian Stamps4
Perforation varieties of Guatemalan 1960 Spring Fair postage stamp3
Some Chinese postage stamps - cancellation forgeries or something else?18
About USA 60c Rickenbacker stamp12
Japanese New Year's postage stamps5
Harvesting season in postage stamps12
Philatelic safari to Burundi7
Finnish Christmas postage stamps 20107
Collecting stamps of Trucial states - a short introduction42
A simplified anatomy of my BRD stamp collection2
Best of British stamp design12
Swiss "Schweizerische Landesausstellung" postage stamps of 19392
Se-tenant pairs of South African postage stamps9
Postage stamps of South African homelands1
Swaziland 15/45c overprinted butterfly postage stamp - why is it so valuable?7
The die cut postage stamps of Sierra Leone 14
Collecting stamps from Africa11
Angola bogus stamps - and a story behind Fournier forgery9
Happy May Day1
Unsolicited stamp trader listings - beware of stamptraders.org12
Hungarian souvenir sheet for European Football Championships2
A story of a dinosaur stamp5
The Faberge stamp booklet1
Golden era stamp collectors and philatelists4
And a case of good luck :) 2
A case of bad luck14
Sewing machine roulettes on Vietnamese stamps7
How to remove cigarette smell from postage stamps (or any other paper product)14
Finnish Christmas postage stamps 1973-1996: feels like Christmas4
International Year of Astronomy m/s from Canada4
Cross shaped self-adhesive stamps from Finland8
Canadian Save the Polars and Glaciers miniature sheet4
I hate when postal service ruins a beautifully stamped letter /card / parcel6
Singapore MyStamp promotional card8
Non-inverted Jenny - the less rare counterpart of worlds best known postage stamp error4
US 40c Philip Mazzei airmail stamp6
Coloring book with images of Finnish postage stamps0
Green matter: how we stamp collectors can support more sustainable and environment friendly solutions0
Master stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania2
The fine art of Ivan Aguéli on stamps4
The beauty of socked on the nose5
Interview with’s Mats Blückert 8
Polish dogs on cover7
Casual stamp collector in Helsinki12
Interview with Rainbow Stamp Club's Jeevan Jyoti12
Postage stamps people use2
Beautiful La Semeuse (the Sower) stamps of France25
Precancels on French stamps15
Vive la France – some good reasons to collect French stamps4
Spring at last - Finnish spring flowers on postage stamps2
Christian Easter in postage stamps of Equatorial Guinea2
Nordic mythology on Norden miniature sheets0
Lighthouses of Finland miniature sheet3
Finland 2007 Eurovision song contest miniature sheet 0
The Imperial Winter Egg by Carl Faberge - Finland Miniature Sheet0
German colonies Yacht postage stamps0
CTO cancelled Wurttemberg stamps3
The story of Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria2
Some early Bavarian postage stamps3
Good ol' time adventure and mystery3
High values of Hong Kong 1997 Skyline definitive postage stamps0
British Post Offices in China 3
Finland Friendship Miniature sheet 1998 0
Some interesting Danish postmarks0
Some Denmark postage stamp perfins23
Used US stamps high values1

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