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Postage stamps and philately of Vietnam

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Postage stamps of Kingdom of Sedang (Deh Sedang)

Postage stamps of Kingdom of Sedang (Deh Sedang)Kingdom of Sedang was a short lived (1888-1890), self-declared micro-nation in eastern French Indochina. It was created by officer, engineer, self-proclaimed adventurer  and wheeler-dealer Marie-Charles David de Mayréna aka.Marie I, King of Sedang. Possibly the most concrete legacy of this tiny state are the seven stamps inscribed Deh Sedang (meaning Kingdom of Sedang or more literally "Lord of Sedang")  which are somewhat easily found in many old-time collections, but nowhere in traditional stamp catalogues. For many collectors the below stamps are possibly best known from philatelic literature of the yesteryear, where images of these stamps have been used as examples of classic cinderalla or bogus stamps.  But as always, the story behind these stamps is more complex and more interesting. ...(730 words,2 images, 3 comments)

Some South Vietnam varieties that major western stamp catalogs omit (and a small give-away)

Some South Vietnam varieties that major western stamp catalogs omit (and a small give-away)I don't usually put much focus on mint stamps, but some time ago I was pre-sorting my way through a batch of Vietnamese stamps, and noted two MNH specimens of 1971 South Vietnamese rice harvester stamp with a difference. The first stamp was on somewhat translucent paper with shiny gum, the other stamp was on notably thicker paper without gum. Once I placed the stamps under UV-light, the specimen on translucent paper light up as bright bluish-white glow whereas the other copy remained dull yellowish (likely the yellow emitting from the design/ink). Since none of the general stamp catalogs say nothing about the variety I headed on hunt for more information just for the fun of knowledge. ...(504 words,2 images, 15 comments)

Sewing machine roulettes on Vietnamese stamps

Sewing machine roulettes on Vietnamese stampsSewing machine roulette (also known as "Perce en points" or pin roulette) is one of the oldest and widely spread methods to separate stamps. As the name suggests, roulette is created with sewing (or similar) machine. In this roulette, small holes are pricked trough the paper one at a time,and no paper is removed (which is why this is a roulette, and not a perforation). These characteristic makes it somewhat easy to differentiate pin roulette from normal perforation. Lots of countries have used it up to very recent times, but as I've got my Vietnamese collection open, let's display some of them. ...(252 words,2 images, 7 comments)

Doubled gold frame error on Vietnamese stamp

Doubled gold frame error on Vietnamese stampThere are plenty of interesting Vietnamese stamps, but one of my personal favorites is this striking doubled frame print error on CTO-used stamp commemorating the birth of Raphael. ...(111 words,2 images, 0 comments)

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