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Postage stamps and philately of Sweden (Sverige)

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Swedish discount postage stamps

Swedish discount postage stampsGeneral catalogs often provide only limited basic information about stamps, and as such at times they can omit or simplify specifics that can make a world of difference from collector perspective. One such example are the Swedish discount postage stamps (or 'rabattfrimärken' as they are called in Sweden) issued from late 1970s up to early 1990s. Many worldwide collectors are familiar with these, especially the ones reading "PRIVATPOST" are notorious for misleading a number of worldwide collectors to think they would be local stamps of some sorts. ...(1192 words,6 images, 0 comments)

Rare modern postage stamp - a difficult but not impossible combination

Rare modern postage stamp - a difficult but not impossible combinationIf you haven't been living inside a stamp cave for the past month, then you've likely read or heard at least some news about the recent Australian 30 Adelaide emergency provisional stamps selling for insane amounts. This is a prime example of a modern day stamp market getting red hot when an unexpected modern rarity surfaces. Of course this is just top of the iceberg and below I'll share three other less known modern day stamp rarities that 'almost made it' big time. ...(866 words,3 images, 4 comments)

Harvesting season in postage stamps

Harvesting season in postage stampsFor the last month I and my family have been somewhat occupied by harvesting the crop from our home garden. Not surprisingly, there are lots of stamps to commemorate the end of growing season. As I've been lately working my way through Swedish stamps, below are some absolutely fabulous harvest related stamps from Sweden. ...(121 words,3 images, 12 comments)

Swedish TuristPorto / tourist postage stamps

Swedish TuristPorto / tourist postage stampsThe Swedish tourist postage stamps (aka. TuristPorto in Sweden) were private courier stamps sold exclusively at holiday destinations abroad. Released by Nordic Mail AB (later Swedish and Danish Post) in mid 1990s, these stamps were available to thousands of Scandinavian travelers in Spanish holiday resorts. ...(315 words,3 images, 0 comments)

Bogus stamps: Isö, Sweden

Bogus stamps: Isö, SwedenThe Isö cinderellas are somewhat interesting phenomena in Scandinavian philately.  Some sources (such as Wikipedia) mention Isö stamps as "local post stamps from Eastern Sweden (Gotland)", but in reality these are complete bogus stamps (stamps mimicking genuine postage stamps, without any official validity). ...(207 words,2 images, 21 comments)

Master stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania

Master stamp engraver Czeslaw SlaniaWhile talking about the stamps of Sweden, there is no way one could bypass the name of Czeslaw Slania. He was the master engraver supreme, adored by co-workers and collectors alike.  He produced numerous stamps for Sweden and 28 other nations.  One of his best known (and award winning) masterpieces is the "Swedish film history" miniature sheet issued in 1981, for which Slania engraved 3 stamps. ...(119 words,3 images, 2 comments)

The fine art of Ivan Aguéli on stamps

The fine art of Ivan Aguéli on stampsIvan Aguéli (1869-1917) , also known as Sheikh 'Abd al-Hadi Aqhili  upon his acceptance of Islam, was a pioneer and master of Swedish modern / contemporary art. In addition he was also a wandering Sufi (a Muslim mystic), linguist and author.  To commemorate a centenary of Ivan Aguéli's birth Sweden issued it's first miniature sheet in year 1969. ...(102 words,1 images, 4 comments)

Swedish Landstormen semipostal postage stamps

Swedish Landstormen semipostal postage stampsOne of the most valued Swedish stamp issues are so called Landstormen surcharges.  These are semipostal stamps used to collect funds to equip soldiers during World War I. ...(250 words,2 images, 0 comments)

The beauty of socked on the nose

The beauty of socked on the noseIs there anything more beautifull than a socked on the nose (also known as SON or SOTN) cancel on a well engraved stamp?  Feel free to decide yourself... ...(90 words,1 images, 5 comments)

A swedish coil stamp mystery

A swedish coil stamp mysteryLike many collectors, I get occasianally very frustated with stamps from Sweden. Or more precisely - the various perforation formats they provide. Since the 1920s, Sweden has been known for issuing most of its stamps  in coil, booklet and sheet format. In plain English? Same stamp, but it can exist in 1 to 4 (or even more) different perforation variations. ...(310 words,2 images, 10 comments)

WW2 Christmas seals

WW2 Christmas sealsTo continue last posts christmas seal theme, I'd like to share images of two World War II era christmas seals. Their design and use of colours is IMHO so striking, that one can still feel how tough the times have been in 1943. ...(140 words,1 images, 2 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Sweden

Q&A: stamps of SwedenDo you have a question about stamps / philately of Sweden? Your questions answered. ...( 22 comments).

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