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Postage stamps and philately of Sri Lanka

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Some new discoveries on postage stamps of Sri Lanka

Some new discoveries on postage stamps of Sri LankaI know modern postage stamps are not everybody's cup of tea, but the below new discoveries hopefully show why I keep on collecting new issues as well. Especially the stamps of less loved countries such as Sri Lanka are guaranteed to provide endless possibilities for those who keep their eyes open and treat various stamp catalogues only as rough guide. ...(224 words,2 images, 7 comments)

Sri Lankan "Postal Facilities for the Hon. Members of Parliament" - stamps. What are they, and why are they not listed on the catalogs?

Sri Lankan I don't get buzzled easily, but the below Postal Facilities for the Hon. Members of Parliament stamps have left me scratching my head somewhat clueless. ...(385 words,2 images, 7 comments)

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