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Postage stamps and philately of Saudi Arabia

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Some observations on Saudi Arabian 1949 airmail stamps

Some observations on Saudi Arabian 1949 airmail stampsOne of the most frustrating moments in general collectors life is when general stamp catalogues tip there is more with some stamp, but then full disclosure is not provided. Such is the case with 1949 Saudi-Arabian airmail stamps. Michel has got a footnote saying 'all values have sometimes significant color and format differences' whereas Scott notes 'The 1st printings are on grayish paper and sell for more.' These notes clearly give a vague suggestion there are multiple printings on these stamps and they can be separated, but for reason or another the editors have decided not to provide any further guidance. Fortunately all it takes is few duplicates and some patience to get started with hunting for the differences without stamp catalogues assistance. ...(623 words,4 images, 12 comments)

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