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Postage stamps and philately of Romania

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You always learn something new from the stamps...

You always learn something new from the stamps...Under the working title 'You always learn something new from the stamps...' I represent you the following short (but hopefully) entertaining story: ...(240 words,1 images, 8 comments)

Reprints of 1950s Romanian postage stamps

Reprints of 1950s Romanian postage stampsI've been trying to move onwards with my 'philatelic journey worldwide' but for some reason I seem to be 'stuck' with interesting European stamps coming from all directions. So let's go back for awhile to one of my favorite countries - Romania. Michel catalogues have got the below footnote about Romanian stamps of 1952-1960: ...(476 words,4 images, 8 comments)

Romanian definitive postage stamp series of 1991 "Hotels, lodges and resorts of Romania"

Romanian definitive postage stamp series of 1991 Modern Romanian stamps are likely to cause shivers for most stamp collectors, but personally I'm quite fond of them. As the title says the topic of this post is Romanian 'Hotels, lodges and resorts' definitives series issued in 1991, and the varieties within. This is a a very common stamp series, likely just about every worldwide collector has got some stamps from the series in their collection. So it's surprising how poorly documented the series is: major stamp catalogs simply by-pass the varieties with very short footnote (Michel) or completely ignore them (Scott). ...(856 words,10 images, 25 comments)

Interview with’s Mats Blückert

Interview with’s Mats Blückert It's time continue the interview series with stamp collectors online. This time I'll be discussing with Mats Blückert - the man behind excellent website. ...(795 words,0 images, 8 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Romania and related areas

Q&A: stamps of Romania and related areasDo you have a question about stamps / philately of Romania and related areas? Your questions answered. ...( 16 comments).

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