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Postage stamps and philately of Portugal

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Of Portugal / Azores 1925 "Padrões da Grande Guerra" postage stamp varieties and forgeries

Of Portugal / Azores 1925 Here's an interesting bunch of stamps that has made me pulling my hair. The stamps might very well be genuine, or they might be fake - no way to tell with my limited knowledge, but I suspect the latter. In 1925 Portugal issued four 10 centavos postal tax stamps to collect funds for construction of memorial stones (Padrões)  of "great war" of 1918. The topic of stamp was allegorical drawing by Armando Concalves, and the stamps were issued in four colors: blue, brown, green and rose. According to sources the stamps were printed in lithography at Casa da Moeda (Portuguese Mint) on sheets of 100 stamps, and line perforated at perforation 11 x 11. One million copies of each stamp were prepared. Some of these stamps were overprinted for use in Azores, and that is what I have. ...(709 words,6 images, 1 comments)

Portuguese definitive postage stamps series of 1972/74 "Landscapes and Monuments"

Portuguese definitive postage stamps series of 1972/74 Moving onwards with topic Portuguese stamps and long definitive stamp series (yes, I've got a thing with these right now)...In 1972 Portuguese post CTT started another new definitive series with topic of landscapes and monuments. A complete series consists of 20 different values/designs, but with all major varieties included the number of collectible stamps grows into 61 items. ...(333 words,4 images, 12 comments)

Portuguese definitive postage stamp series of 1953/55 "Cavalinho"

Portuguese definitive postage stamp series of 1953/55 For past few nights I've been sorting a batch of Portuguese stamps. Instead of picking the the hugely popular Ceres-series to write about, I decided to go deeper with less known Cavalinho ("little horse") series. Like the Spanish Franco stamps, I believe most worldwide collectors are familiar with these on some level. On the surface this series is very common and pretty dull looking. But again, these stamps provide some surprises. ...(498 words,3 images, 20 comments)

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