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Postage stamps and philately of Greece

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The low values of Greek Landscapes series of 1927 - separating different (re-engraved) prints from each other

The low values of Greek Landscapes series of 1927 - separating different (re-engraved) prints from each otherMany of the most common Greek postage stamps of all time come from the 1927/1935 definitives series commonly known as "Landscapes". In total, the series is made of 14 face different stamps with face values from 5 lepta up to 25 drachmas in addition of which there's one never issued design. Additionally, some values were overprinted for postal tax usage (to raise funds for Social Welfare Fund or for Postal Workers Anti-Tuberculosis fund). What makes this series philatelically challenging is the fact that six values were re-engraved/re-issued between 1931/35, some not just once but twice by various parties. This entry focuses on the the low values, and how to separate re-issues from the original release. ...(1142 words,7 images, 9 comments)

Greek tragedy in perf thirteen and one quarter

Greek tragedy in perf thirteen and one quarterThis story began a good number of years ago when I noted that some Greek definitive stamps from the 1990s had different perforations, yet the catalogs failed to mention nothing about the difference. Since then I've been checking just about every modern Greek definitive stamp I receive in detail, and boy, have I found out the hard way that something is seriously amiss with catalog listings. ...(721 words,5 images, 3 comments)

Hermes and Iris definitive series of Greece

Hermes and Iris definitive series of GreeceDuring Christmas I worked my way through a small collection of Greece I had acquired earlier. At the same I put the specialized Hellas stamp catalog I have into proper use for the first time. All in all it was a very enlightening experience, as the specialized catalog had somewhat different view and lots more details than general catalogs. So let's begin a journey into stamps of Greece with attractive 'Hermes and Iris' definitive postage stamps of 1911-1927. ...(846 words,6 images, 8 comments)

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