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Postage stamps and philately of Czech & Slovakia & Czechoslovakia

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Czechoslovakia EXPO58 commemorative stamp: perforation variety or something else?

Czechoslovakia EXPO58 commemorative stamp: perforation variety or something else?Here's yet another interesting pair of stamp. This commemorative was released on 15th July 1958 for Czechoslovakian week at the Brussels World Exhibition. Print run of the stamp was 2,125,000 copies. Michel and Pofis (a Czechoslovakian specialized catalog) state perforation of 11.25 x 11.75, Scott goes with perf. 11.50. No varieties should exist. ...(414 words,5 images, 10 comments)

Czechoslovakia 1976 Use Zip Code coil stamps

Czechoslovakia 1976 Use Zip Code coil stampsIn 1976 Czechoslovakia issued a 30 heller green 'Use zip code' stamp that can be described common as mud.  I remember this stamp being a part of the 100 diff world stamps packages I bought about 30 years back, and even today the very same stamps is part of cheapest world mixtures. Very likely all world collectors have got a copy of this stamp in their collections. To make matters worse, this stamp was built be efficient and unhappy:  it's got appeal of brutalist architechture in miniature size, and mentality of Harry Potter's dementor. So very few collectors have got real love for it. It fills a space and that's about it. Therefore it is only appropriate that a stamp like this caught my interest, and some surprising observations started to come up. ...(662 words,4 images, 8 comments)

Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stamps

Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stampsLast night I finished sorting the Czechoslovakian stamp horde I had been working for nearly 2 months. As a result, my humble collection of Czechoslovakian stamps grew from 40 pages to over 80 pages. I managed to fill a huge number of blank spaces for regular stamps, and found several interesting varieties to include into my collection. One of the most interesting items IMHO were various private perforations on newspaper stamps. ...(225 words,5 images, 5 comments)

Czechoslovakian 1945/47 definitive postage stamp series: Portraits

Czechoslovakian 1945/47 definitive postage stamp series: PortraitsIn the past weeks I've been digging my way through the gigantic lot of of Czechoslovakian stamps I bought on start of the year. One of the most common designs in this mixture has been the 1945/47 definitive series displaying portraits of Czechoslovak independence movement key figures: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Edvard Beneš and Milan Rastislav Štefánik. ...(555 words,4 images, 17 comments)

Czechoslovakian Masaryk postage stamps of 1925 -1927

Czechoslovakian Masaryk postage stamps of 1925 -1927When speaking of Czechoslovakian stamps, the focus is usually on one of the early designs. Instead I'm going to tackle something that is showcased not so often - the definitive series of 1925/27 displaying portrait of President Masaryk. These contain pretty much all a stamp collector / philatelists can dream of: a reasonable number of different face values, small progressive changes in designs, multiple perforations, different paper types (unwatermarked and watermarked paper, watermark positions, thin and thick paper), multiple re-engravings etc. And the stamps are plenty and cheap. The Masaryk series has all the best bits. ...(1371 words,12 images, 22 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Czech, Slovakia & Czechoslovakia

Do you have a question about stamps / philately of Czech, Slovakia, or Czechoslovakia (and related territories)? Your questions answered. ...( 24 comments).

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