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Postage stamps and philately of Bulgaria

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1970 Bulgaria Boats at Albena stamp - unlisted variety and other tidbits

1970 Bulgaria Boats at Albena stamp  - unlisted variety and other tidbitsSince I've been lately writing about color variations, the 1970 Bulgarian 4 Stotinki "Boats at Albena" makes an interesting chapter about the topic. Though this middle value of the Holiday Resorts definitive series is likely one of the most common Bulgarian stamps, a lot of confusion exists about it in catalogs. And I think I may have stumbled across with an unlisted color variety that should deserve some level of recognition in major catalogs. ...(716 words,4 images, 2 comments)

Interesting print varieties on 1988 Bulgarian postage stamps

Interesting print varieties on 1988 Bulgarian postage stampsRecently I've been going through a box lot of Bulgarian stamps, and to my surprise I've spotted a number of interesting print variations on 1988 '110th anniversary of liberation of Bulgaria'  commemoratives.  Based on catalog details, these should have nothing special. Both designs (5 Stotinki, Gen. Skobelev in attack in Pleven, and 13 Stotinki, Meeting the Russian troops), are minimum catalog value items with print run of approx. 1 million copies. Even the semi-specialized Bulgarian resource I've got mentions nothing special about these. But after going through a pile of around hundred specimens each, I would say that very likely these stamps exist in two different types. Additionally there are plenty of minor print varieties to look out. ...(312 words,5 images, 4 comments)

Fake postmark on German occupation of Macedonia stamp

Fake postmark on German occupation of Macedonia stampFor the last few days I've been adding lots of new items to my stamp collection, but there's specifically one item I'd like to pick and share: a Bulgarian stamp with overprint "Македоння/8.IX.1944/15 ЛВ". This appears to be 1944 stamp from the short lived German (and Bulgarian) occupation of Macedonia. ...(148 words,1 images, 2 comments)

Unknown Bulgarian cinderella stamp

Unknown Bulgarian cinderella stampMoving outside the topic of Latin American stamps for a while, here's a bit of a mystery that's been puzzling me some time: a Bulgarian cinderella stamp. What makes this very interesting is the inscription, 'допълнителни пощенски услуги' which (Google) translates as 'additional postage (stamp)'. My initial thought was that this might be some kind of obligatory postal tax stamp. But this item is nowhere to be found on general stamp catalogues!? ...(118 words,1 images, 9 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Bulgaria

Do you have a question about stamps / philately of Bulgaria (and related territories)? Your questions answered. ...( 18 comments).

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