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Postage stamps and philately of Brazil

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Those green lines on back of Brazilian postage stamps...

Those green lines on back of Brazilian postage stamps...Do you own any of the 1940s Brazilian stamps with three green lines on the background? If you do, then you may have read from any of the major stamp catalogs that the lines are control marks. But do you know the specifics why this control mark was put into action, and whats the difference between stamps with or without these lines? ...(808 words,2 images, 0 comments)

Slurred printing on modern Brazilian definitive postage stamps

Slurred printing on modern Brazilian definitive postage stampsOne final article about Brazilian stamps (at least for the time being)... Way back in late 2009 I wrote about a Spanish stamp having doubled impression. Well, here's few new similar additions to my stamp collection, but this time on Brazilian definitive stamps. I believe these are examples of slurred printing (also known as kiss print), where the dragging of the wet ink has caused the dots to elongate in the direction the press travel. ...(157 words,2 images, 6 comments)

Possible plate flaw on Brazilian 1961 Ouro Preto stamp

Possible plate flaw on Brazilian 1961 Ouro Preto stampDuring the long weekend I finished organizing my stamp collection for Brazil, and here's one particular item I'd like show up. It's a 1961 commemorative for 250th anniversary of city of Ouro Preto. But as usual with items I display, there's a twist: notice the crack on left side of the nominal value I'm not sure if this one is a plate flaw/variety, or just some print abnormality (caused by dust or similar). ...(1 words, images, 4 comments)

Brazilian definitive postage stamps of 1920-1941 "Série vovó"

Brazilian definitive postage stamps of 1920-1941 As long as I remember, I've been afraid of getting too deeply into Brazilian stamps, especially the definitive  series of 1920-1941 (also known as 'Série vovó'). The facts for the series are quite frightening: 11 designs, 44 face different stamps (incl.overprints), 13 different papers. Depending on catalog used, there are 145-168 major numbers to collect. And that's just the big picture. These stamps have a mountain of different perforations, color variations etc. These make a daunting identification challenge indeed! Anyway, I made myself a new years promise to get all the duplicates (as well as those already in my collection) properly organized. ...(1299 words,9 images, 97 comments)

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