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Postage stamps and philately of Belgium

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Introduction to Belgian precancels

Introduction to Belgian precancelsOne of the unsung heroes of stamp collecting are Belgian precancels or 'preos' as called locally. Just like precancelled stamps of any country, these are common low face value definitive stamps which were pre-cancelled for bulk mail usage. The minimum quantity which had to be bought from the Post Office was 1000 copies. Due to nature of  precancelled stamps, these are often times easily found and relatively cheap (though there are exceptions). The Belgian precancels are traditionally split to two types: locals and general issues. ...(989 words,15 images, 5 comments)

Interesting variety on 1922 Belgian Houyoux / Albert III postage stamp

Interesting variety on 1922 Belgian Houyoux / Albert III  postage stampDuring the holidays I spent couple of days going through a largish pile of Belgian definitive stamps that had been sitting on my table for some months. All in all it seemed there was nothing of greater interest until I spotted an interesting looking variety on 5 cent stamp from the 1922 series generally known as Houyoux-series (after engraver Leon Houyoux). ...(148 words,2 images, 6 comments)

Belgium 1882/1894 Parcel Post stamp forgeries

Belgium 1882/1894 Parcel Post stamp forgeriesI was doing my usual 'Sunday morning rounds' on the web reading various stamp related boards, when I found an an interesting topic asking how to identify Belgium 1882/1894 Parcel Post Issue forgeries. There were no answers to topic (at the time), but this is an interesting question as I've had nearly 20 years two stamps from this series that I believe to be fakes. So I started to search for more knowledge. ...(404 words,2 images, 8 comments)

Q&A: stamps of BENELUX (Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg)

Do you have a question about stamps / philately of Belgium, Netherland or Luxembourg (and related territories)? Your questions answered. ...( 41 comments).

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