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Revenue stamps

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Random notes on Guatemalan postage stamps

Random notes on Guatemalan postage stampsThis week I've worked my way through a pile of stamps from Central and South American countries, and above all the stamps of Guatemala have once again caught my interest. ...(546 words,5 images, 2 comments)

1959 Nicaraguan postal tax stamp with unknown overprint

1959 Nicaraguan postal tax stamp with unknown overprintHere's a bit of an oddball item that I have not managed to identify accurately. I know the base stamp is 1959 Nicaraguan postal tax stamp "Jesus and the children". But the overprint Pensiones de Retiro y Montepio G.N is giving me a lot of headache. ...(152 words,1 images, 7 comments)

Some revenue stamps of Egypt - need ID help

Some revenue stamps of Egypt - need ID helpOne more post about the topic of Egyptian stamps. Like most worldwide collectors, I occasionally end up with bizarre back-of-book items. Below are various items that I either know or suspect as revenue stamps of Egypt. If any of You blog readers can assist me in identifying these accurately, I'd be very grateful (I know there's "The Catalogue of Egyptian Revenue Stamps" by Peter Feltus that likely lists all or some of these). ...(165 words,3 images, 7 comments)

Soviet Court Fee stamps and an early Russian revenue

Soviet Court Fee stamps and an early Russian revenueOne of the most peculiar items I received from last years stamp exchanges was a set of three Soviet stamps. At the time neither I or the sender (Holger from Germany) did not know what they were, but Holger had a clue they might be court fee stamps. I finally had the time to sit down and look for these at various catalogs, and there they were at Barefoot revenue catalog for Russia. Indeed, these are court fee stamps from the early years of Soviet Union. ...(162 words,2 images, 8 comments)

Japanese 1898 parcel post revenue stamp

Japanese 1898 parcel post revenue stampIt's been couple of rainy summer days, so I've had some good time to sort new stuff into my collection. Below is an bizarre item that defied my catalog lookup skills for couple of days. Finally I went online and searched for about hour before landing with definite answer. It's an Japanese parcel post revenue stamp of 1898. ...(102 words,1 images, 12 comments)

Finnish Parliamentery ballot cancellation

Finnish Parliamentery ballot cancellationAs Finland is having 2011 Parliamentary elections today, here is a bit of related philatelic cinderella: a ballot cancellation. Likely, this is the most commonly used “official document” cancellations in Finland. That said, it is one of the rarest ones too, as the election ballots, envelopes etc. sealed with this are destroyed afterwards. ...(84 words,1 images, 4 comments)

Unidentified Spanish fiscal revenue stamp

Unidentified Spanish fiscal revenue stampOnce again it's time to display one one of those mystery cinderella items that have been bugging me for ages. All I know with certainty is that the following item is from Spain, and very likely it is some sorts of fiscal revenue. The design looks very similar to some of Spanish postage stamps issued in late 1930s and early 1940s, so likely this is from the same era. ...(115 words,1 images, 8 comments)

Revenue stamp from Ticino

Revenue stamp from TicinoThis is very likely one of the most bizarre back-of-book items in my Swiss stamp collection - some sort of local revenue stamp from Rebublic of Canton Ticino. If you haven't heard of Ticino, don't worry, I'm sure You are not alone, LOL. Ticino is the southernmost canton of Switzerland. Interestingly it is also the only swiss canton in which Italian is the sole official language...And once again I'd like the blog readers to assist me in digging up bits and pieces (like who,why,when etc) about this. ...(164 words,1 images, 6 comments)

Marca da Bollo and other Italian fiscal stamps

Marca da Bollo and other Italian fiscal stampsThe Italian revenue stamps (with inscriptions such as 'Marca da Bollo', 'Tassa di bollo, 'Riscontro' etc.) often resemble postage stamps. When looking at these, I can't help thinking "which came first, the chicken or the egg" design wise. ...(92 words,2 images, 4 comments)

Some classic revenue stamps of Japan (updated)

Some classic revenue stamps of Japan (updated)Here are some 18th century revenue stamps from Japan. Normally I would know very little about these, as they fall out of the scope of regular postage stamp catalogs. But with little help from my online friends I think I've nailed these pretty accurately. As many of these stamps come up frequently under the 'I've got an unidentified Japanese stamp...' discussions, I think these are worth sharing. ...(360 words,4 images, 3 comments)

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