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Postage stamps and philately of United Nations and it's precedessors

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Chalky vs ordinary stamp paper

Chalky vs ordinary stamp paperI admit that I am slightly out of my comfort zone when it comes to question of chalky vs. ordinary (or more widely speaking coated vs. uncoated) stamp paper. It is not so much that I would not know the technical difference and a number of ways to spot the differences, but the fact that interpreting the results is always subjective to number of factors, not least of them being personal experience. ...(987 words,4 images, 11 comments)

Thank goodness, they're all Cancelled-To-Order

Thank goodness, they're all Cancelled-To-OrderLike most of the traditionally trained stamp collectors I was taught to frown upon CTO (cancelled-to-order) stamps. As such even today I still prefer a postally used copy over CTO whenever possible. So when I started learning about the history of League of Nations (SdN; Société des Nations) stamps I recently got, I was surprised to find out that for them CTO is the 'norm' whereas anything else frowned upon. ...(660 words,5 images, 5 comments)

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