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Postage stamps and philately of Morocco

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Poste Maroc stamps of 1907/1909 - bogus, cinderella or something else?

Poste Maroc stamps of 1907/1909  - bogus, cinderella or something else?Below are few Moroccan stamp like items which have made me pulling my hair. These are not mentioned in any of the printed catalogues or resources I have access, which very strongly suggests some kind of bogus or cinderella stamp release. Even the very few online references for these are highly mixed, so if any of you can share 'better knowledge' on what these are, it would be highly appreciated. ...(317 words,2 images, 0 comments)

Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps

Moroccan Cherifian Post stampsEach stamp catalogue provides slightly different coverage, and possibly the best metric for this is inclusion (and exclusion) of classic pre-runners and local posts. As case example for the day I have chosen the Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps. How various stamp catalogs list the Cherifian stamps is a very mixed bag. Scott simply footnotes the existence of these stamps, Michel lists six stamps (with varieties) on back-of-book section, Yvert provides 14 major numbers on their BOB section, and Dallay assigns whooping 40 major numbers as pre-runners of French Morocco. So what source is the poor collectors supposed to follow when aiming for completion? To properly understand the differences one really has no other option than to dive into history of the area, and study the reason for differences. ...(1119 words,5 images, 4 comments)

Of Sahara OCC RASD stamps

Of Sahara OCC RASD stampsBesides Somali Republic (see yesterdays blog entry), Sahara OCC R.A.S.D (or officially République Arabe Saharouie Démocratique - Arab Republic of Western Sahara) is one of the most common sources of modern topical bogus / cinderella stamps.  None of the RASD issues have postal validity anywhere. At best, they can be considered as local propaganda labels or cinderella issues. ...(168 words,2 images, 9 comments)

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