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Postage stamps and philately of Cameroon

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Some new (unlisted) perforation variants on stamps of Cameroon

Some new (unlisted) perforation variants on stamps of CameroonThis week's post is pretty short and simple, but hopefully useful to some.  Below are some unlisted perforation variants from Cameroon.  I don't think any of these are rare, as I've found them all simply by going through duplicates. Sadly stamp catalogue listings are nothing more than a very rough guide for less popular countries such as Cameroon,  and one can make new discoveries somewhat easily by consistently checking every incoming stamp. ...(220 words,3 images, 3 comments)

Unlisted variants on Cameroon fruit definitive stamps

Unlisted variants on Cameroon fruit definitive stampsMoving further with last weeks topics, it's time to hit another French (and English) speaking African country: Cameroon.  Like the last time, these stamps originate from the 1960s and are mostly found with CTO cancellation.  As such likely nobody has ever bothered to give a proper look before now. ...(295 words,2 images, 3 comments)

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