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Postage stamps and philately of Poland

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Perforation varieties on Polish postage stamps of the 1950s

Perforation varieties on Polish postage stamps of the 1950sI have got two tricky questions for you. First, how many of the Polish stamps issued between October 1950 (currency reform) and end of 1959 have got perforation varieties (besides imperfs)? And two, how many different perforation variations are there for each of these stamps? To give you some ballpark, Poland issued (only) 480 face different stamps in these ten years. ...(403 words,1 table + 3 images, 5 comments)

Polish Post Insured Mail Seals

Polish Post Insured Mail SealsAs some of you may recall, in addition of stamps I have got a side-collection of different types of postal labels such as airmail and priority etiquettes.  The limits of this collection are very shady, and instead of taking everything for the completions sake, I include only items that I feel good about. And when I encountered the below Polish label on mixed lot of world kiloware, I knew it was definitely a keeper. The only problem was that I did not know what it actually was. ...(436 words,2 images, 6 comments)

Marginal notes about postage stamps of Italy

Marginal notes about postage stamps of ItalyTime for the second part of my 'marginal notes' , and this time we're heading into Italy. The topics of this article include stamps of Polish Resettlement Corps in Italy, CLN /Partisan stamps of Upper Varese, and a double print/KISS flaw on CEPT-stamp. As always, hope you enjoy the stamp extravaganza ahead. ...(855 words,4 images, 6 comments)

Common but generally unrecognized varieties on Polish definitive stamps

Common but generally unrecognized varieties on Polish definitive stampsThis year Poland is one of my attractions. Though Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, there doesn't seem to be as widespread philatelic interest towards its stamps. Possibly the most worrying result of this are the contradicting and lacking details of major variants in general stamp catalogues such as Michel and Scott. Fortunately I've got a specialized Polish stamp catalog to rely on, and with this entry I'll share tidbits about some of the common varieties that are either missing or falsely listed on major general catalogs. On large parts this entry is about perforation varieties, but I'll share  few others constant variants as well. ...(1217 words,9 images, 2 comments)

Środkowa Litwa - postage stamps of Central Lithuania

Środkowa Litwa - postage stamps of Central LithuaniaI believe I'm not much mistaken if I say that stamps of "Środkowa Litwa" have puzzled many worldwide collectors at first sight. They are from the Republic of Central Lithuania, a small buffer state that existed between Poland and Lithuania in the aftermaths of first world war from 1918 to 1922. As some might recall, I purchased a bulk lot of Central Lithuanian stamps (for 25 Euro) way back last year. Well, I've finally had the time to go through the batch and pick up what I need for my collection. And what an interesting and educational few hours I had. ...(1240 words,12 images, 20 comments)

Poland 1950 Rebuilding of Warsaw postage stamps

Poland 1950 Rebuilding of Warsaw postage stampsAfter World War II, Poland issued several stamps commemorating rebuilding of Warsaw. After the currency reform of 1950, the "Bricklayers by King Sigismund's column" stamp was re-issued in new color & face value. Though Michel states this stamp exists in varying perforations and two color varieties, it never goes into more detail about these. Thus I was first quite amazed when I saw examples of both color varieties side by side. They appear somewhat different on parts of printing. ...(193 words,1 images, 11 comments)

Polish dogs on cover

Polish dogs on coverHere's a lovely cover from Poland (sent by Andrzej). It has a strip-of-5 of Polish 2006 dog stamps (Michel#4289-4293, cat. value 4€) issued for internation dog show in Poznen, Poland . ...(156 words,6 images, 7 comments)

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