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Postage stamps and philately of Philippines

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Mosden postage stamps of Philippines

Mosden postage stamps of PhilippinesAn interesting marginal node in the history of Philippino stamps are so called Mosden stamps of 1968. Those recalling my various writings on stamp agency stamps might remember the name of Mosden. He was an US based stamp dealer running various philatelic agency activities internationally, and in late 1960s managed to get a deal with Philippines government on stamp production. These stamps are given roman numerals (never officially issued) in Michel, whereas Scott leaves them totally without recognition. ...(777 words,4 images, 2 comments)

Rare modern postage stamp - a difficult but not impossible combination

Rare modern postage stamp - a difficult but not impossible combinationIf you haven't been living inside a stamp cave for the past month, then you've likely read or heard at least some news about the recent Australian 30 Adelaide emergency provisional stamps selling for insane amounts. This is a prime example of a modern day stamp market getting red hot when an unexpected modern rarity surfaces. Of course this is just top of the iceberg and below I'll share three other less known modern day stamp rarities that 'almost made it' big time. ...(866 words,3 images, 4 comments)

Philippine definitive postage stamp series of 1991 "Flowers" - what the major catalogs don't tell you about it

Philippine definitive postage stamp series of 1991 Here's a genuinely fun, versatile and complex modern stamp series that I'm sure most stamp collectors are blissfully unaware of. In 1991 Philippine Postal Service launched a new definitive series that was made out of very small sized stamps (about a third of regular commemorative stamp size in order to save on production costs) repeating floral topics in varying colors (again, to save on production costs). All major stamp catalogues state there's nothing more than 42 face different stamps in varying colors and values issued within 1991 and 1992 . But when one starts piling up copies and comparing duplicates against each other, it becomes evident that major catalogs are likely telling a partial truth. And when looking into more specialized resources, the genie comes out of the bottle: instead of 42 stamps there are at least 98 major varieties in this series. ...(697 words,6 images, 7 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Philippines

Do you have a question about stamps / philately of Philippines? Your questions answered. ...( 6 comments).

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