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Postage stamps and philately of Peru

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The dreaded dash as stamp catalogue value

The dreaded dash as stamp catalogue valueI'm sure most of you know the feeling of discovering a variety that is valued with a dash only. A big happy smile trying to come up, maybe attached with some disbelief forcing you to recheck that what you got is real. But above all there's the desire to know why stamp catalogue editors have failed to provide any measurable valuation, and what the dash equals in real world. In a way it doesn't make sense at all since most of us collectors are never going to sell our precious. I guess it falls down to owning a prized possession. The bigger the catalog value, the better the catch. And if there are no metrics, then there's really nothing to brag about it. ...(851 words,2 images, 5 comments)

Peruvian Pro Desocupados postal tax stamps

Peruvian Pro Desocupados postal tax stampsPostal tax stamps often times reflect major difficulties in history of a country, and the Peruvian Pro Desocupados stamps make no exception. As the title of these stamps suggests, the stamps were used to collect a tax 'in benefit of' the unemployed' (Pro Desocupados in Spanish) in the aftermaths of great depression. Use of these stamps was mandatory from April 1931 to 1965 for all postal matter. A total of 17 different stamps (including few overprints) were released in three decades. Interestingly, the face value of these stamps always remained the same 2 cents despite inflation, and as such the true value of these stamps was somewhat non-existing at the end. Instead of going through these stamp by stamp, I'll show/share few observations and amendments to what general catalogs tell. ...(750 words,4 images, 6 comments)

War of the Pacific: overprints on Peruvian postage stamps

War of the Pacific: overprints on Peruvian postage stampsYou know the feeling when you think you've found something unusual to your collection? Then moments later you start to doubt it. And then, when you start digging in further, you end up with contradicting information and even more confused than in between. Well, that's what has been happening with me lately, and I must say I was very tempted to title this post as 'when stamp catalogues get it wrong - the sequel. But I think the current working title, confusion over Peru overprints during the War of the Pacific, describes the content even more accurately. ...(1224 words,7 images, 2 comments)

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