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Overprinted stamps

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Siam 1914 postage stamps: overprint types

Siam 1914 postage stamps: overprint typesHere's a fun stamp related tidbit I was not aware before. In 1914 Siamese Post increased foreign postal rates and decreased local rates. To meet the demand of new values, stamps from the series of 1912 were overprinted with new values. Michel says nothing on varieties, but the two specimens I stumbled upon display a clear difference: ...(386 words,3 images, 4 comments)

Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stamps

Private perforations on Czechoslovakian newspaper stampsLast night I finished sorting the Czechoslovakian stamp horde I had been working for nearly 2 months. As a result, my humble collection of Czechoslovakian stamps grew from 40 pages to over 80 pages. I managed to fill a huge number of blank spaces for regular stamps, and found several interesting varieties to include into my collection. One of the most interesting items IMHO were various private perforations on newspaper stamps. ...(225 words,5 images, 5 comments)

Australian Fine Art stamp series high values - color variation and specimen overprint

Australian Fine Art stamp series high values - color variation and specimen overprintI assume most stamp collectors struggle with color variations. And I'm no exception. The other night I worked with some Australian stamps, and soon stumbled with minor color/hue changeling with one the Fine Art stamp series high values. How is a non-specialized stamp collector supposed to know what the stamp is supposed to really look like when you have several slightly different looking color variations side by side? ...(321 words,2 images, 22 comments)

Philatelic safari to Burundi

Philatelic safari to BurundiIt's extremely rare, that I manage to explode a single stamp album in one go. But last night I did it with Burundi. Recently I acquired a stock book full of Burundi stamps for peanuts, and yesterday I spend 4 hours putting in new stuff as well as re-arranging. Here's a small philatelic safari of some new additions to my collection of Burundi stamps. ...(477 words,5 images, 7 comments)

Persian mystery - 1906 Provisoire postage stamps with unlisted overprint

Persian mystery - 1906 Provisoire postage stamps with unlisted overprintNot so long ago I purchased a small accumulation of Persian 1906 Provisoire stamps from local auction. To my surprise, the auctioneer had misidentified the items. True, the stamps I received appear to be 1906 Provisoire issue stamps. But they have some additional unlisted overprint, and this has got me lost too. ...(230 words,1 images, 13 comments)

Unidentified Spanish fiscal revenue stamp

Unidentified Spanish fiscal revenue stampOnce again it's time to display one one of those mystery cinderella items that have been bugging me for ages. All I know with certainty is that the following item is from Spain, and very likely it is some sorts of fiscal revenue. The design looks very similar to some of Spanish postage stamps issued in late 1930s and early 1940s, so likely this is from the same era. ...(115 words,1 images, 8 comments)

Collecting stamps of Trucial states (1892- 1963) - British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia, Trucial States

Collecting stamps of Trucial states (1892- 1963) - British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia, Trucial StatesThe Trucial States were a group of sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf on so called "pirate coast" of eastern Arabia (between Oman and Qatar). The location of sheikdoms is displayed on below world map: ...(251 words,2 images, 6 comments)

UK 1971 strike mail letter from Malawi

UK 1971 strike mail letter from MalawiThough I normally don't collect "entire items" (covers, cards etc), here's something I've included to my collection. It's a 1971 cover from Malawi, addressed to United Kingdom during the 1971 postal strike. It features the 1st commonwealth approved "strike mail stamp" as well as a UK local mail delivery vignette. ...(252 words,1 images, 4 comments)

Introduction to United States Precancels

Introduction to United States PrecancelsAccording to dictionary definition a precancel is any postage stamp, stamped stationery, or revenue stamp cancelled prior to affixing on mail matter or before being deposited at the post office which allows the item to bypass the usual canceling process. Precancels are used to expedite the large bulk mailings of permit holders.  Classic US precancels can be put to two basic categories: Bureau precancels, which were printed and precancelled by Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC, and local (or City-type) precancels, which were (usually) precancelled in the town they were used. ...(858 words,8 images, 20 comments)

Swedish Landstormen semipostal postage stamps

Swedish Landstormen semipostal postage stampsOne of the most valued Swedish stamp issues are so called Landstormen surcharges.  These are semipostal stamps used to collect funds to equip soldiers during World War I. ...(250 words,2 images, 0 comments)

Precancels on French stamps

Precancels on French stampsTo continue with last weeks theme with France, I'll be talking about precancels - or préoblitérés as French say - on French postage stamps. In short, a precancelled stamp is a stamp that has been cancelled before being affixed to mail. Precancels are typically used by mass mailers like newspapers and advertisers. The postal administration will typically offer an incentive in the form of a reduced price for precancelled stamps in volume. ...(258 words,3 images, 15 comments)

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