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Postage stamps and philately of Nigeria

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Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps – pt. III

Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps – pt. IIIAnd moving forth with Nigerian definitive stamps of 1973, here are the most commonly met values of 5 and 10 kip. Based on my limited experience, these seem to be also the ones with most varieties. ...(493 words,8 images, 10 comments)

Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps - pt. II

Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps - pt. IIAbout two years ago I wrote a post about Nigerian definitive stamp series of 1973. As I've lately gone through a batch of Nigerian stamps, it's about time I carry on with this topic and display some additional values and varieties from the series. ...(297 words,5 images, 0 comments)

Postage stamps of colonial Nigeria

Postage stamps of colonial NigeriaOne of the reason I like worldwide stamp collecting so much is the fact how it makes the world history physically concrete and tangible. Take for example Nigeria, one of my favorite countries to collect. I think most worldwide stamp collectors know that from 19th up to mid-of-20th century Nigeria was colonized by British. But how many know that the (postal) history of colonial Nigeria involves places such as Lagos Colony, Oil Rivers, or Niger Coast Protectorate? And what's their connection with each other? ...(790 words,6 images, 19 comments)

Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stamps

Nigeria 1973 definitive postage stampsThough Nigeria is sadly famous as the country of various scams, Nigeria also IMHO stands as one of the most interesting stamp producers in Africa. They have never published excessive number of new issues (only about 800 stamps after 1914); and most of their stamps have very clear and valid messages (like Pay your taxes, Don't be late at work etc). Not so surprisingly, also one of my all-time favorite definitive stamp sets comes from Nigeria. ...(454 words,5 images, 8 comments)

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