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Postage stamps and philately of Liberia

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Puzzled by size difference in pair of 1906 Liberian OS (Official Service) postage stamps

Puzzled by size difference in pair of 1906 Liberian OS (Official Service) postage stampsRecently I've been working with backlog of African stamps, and there I've found few stamps that have made me puzzled. For recent stamps I can understand the lacking and contradicting stamp catalogue information, but with items of 100 years of age not so much. Surely somebody else must have noticed the same differences that I'm seeing; so why isn't there anything in the catalogue pages. Let's take a look for the brain-buzzler of the day: a pair of Liberian OS (official) stamps from the 1906 series. ...(538 words,2 images, 0 comments)

New perforation discoveries on Liberian postage stamps

New perforation discoveries on Liberian postage stampsOn 1970 Liberia issued a set of stamps six stamps and a miniature sheet commemorating Paintings of Napoleon. All major stamp catalogues agree that the stamps are perforated 11, whereas the sheet is imperforated. With these facts stated, I noticed something that did not fit the story when working on a bunch of these lately. ...(318 words,4 images, 7 comments)

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