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Postage stamps and philately of Congo

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Every postage stamp tells a story or more

Every postage stamp tells a story or moreThey say, somewhat correctly, that every stamp tells a story or more. As such it is pretty amazing that many stamp bloggers (yours truly included) experience writers block from time to time. I think Stephen King, godfather of modern horror literature, nailed the cause perfectly when he once said "Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work". As a blogger and stamp collector I admit that it is hard, maybe impossible to make any progress unless I feel inspired by the topic. If there is something I've learned over the years, it is that looking at alternative angles can make a world of difference in how fun (or unfun) something feels like. ...(727 words,4 images, 4 comments)

Shifted overprint on Congo (Kinshasa) stamp

Shifted overprint on Congo (Kinshasa) stampHere's another item from EFO ("Error-Freak-Oddity") collection that I've been lately building alongside my worldwide stamps collection. It's 1961 Congo (Kinshasa/Zaire) 20c (mint) stamp with heavily shifted overprint. ...(108 words,1 images, 2 comments)

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