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Postage stamps and philately Austria (Österreich)

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Men who changed postage stamp design forever

Men who changed postage stamp design foreverDynamic duo, designer Koloman Moser and engraver Ferdinand Schirnböck revolutionized stamp design in the early 20th century. One of their most recognizable works is the 1906/1912 pictorial landscapes series for the Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These stamps are big, bold and beautiful in every sense (and of course there are forgeries involved as well). ...(740 words,18 images, 2 comments)

Austria 1908 jubilee stamp series - perforation woes

Austria 1908 jubilee stamp series - perforation woesRecently I've been soaking and sorting a batch of early Austrian definitive stamps. I kicked off with some stamps from the 1908 Diamond Jubilee (60th Anniversary of Franz Josef accessions to throne) definitive series assuming they would be easy. Boy I was wrong, as I'm now more confused than ever. ...(732 words,5 images, 12 comments)

Classic Austrian / Austro-Hungarian postage stamps

Classic Austrian / Austro-Hungarian postage stampsEarly Austrian stamps (1850-1918, aka the Austro-Hungarian Empire) are very likely one of the most common causes of headache for most worldwide stamp collectors.  I confess it took me years to get a somewhat decent grip of issued main types, and I'm still far away from being an expert with these stamps. But here's some tidbits I've learned over the years. ...(1205 words,12 images, 40 comments)

Beautiful Austria (Schönes Österreich) definitive postage stamp with strange cancel

Beautiful Austria (Schönes Österreich) definitive postage stamp with strange cancelI think most worldwide collectors are very familiar with Austrian “Beautiful Austria” (Schönes Österreich) definite postage stamp series from the 1970′s. Stamps from this set are very easy to find, as they are very common & low value. Nonetheless, these stamps are design masterworks in miniature size and pleasure to marvel. Nevertheless, here is a stamp from the series that is bugging me. It has a bizarre wavy-line cancel. ...(136 words,2 images, 9 comments)

Q&A: stamps of Austria and Austrian areas

Q&A: stamps of Austria and Austrian areasDo you have a question about stamps / philately of Austria and related areas? Your questions answered. ...( 60 comments).

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