US 40c Philip Mazzei airmail stamp

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I think most worldwide (and US) collectors recognize the US airmail postage stamp I'm writing today. In 1980 US post (along with Italian Post) issued a commemorative stamp to honor the 280th anniversary of  Philip Mazzei's birth.

The stamp exists in two different perforations: 11¼ and 10½x11¼ (latter having over 10x catalog value to normal stamp). In addition, this stamp has plenty of (easy-to-find) flyspeck varieties. They are nothing valuable or rare, but enough to catch the eye of casual stamp collector like me.

US 1980 Philip Mazzei 40c airmail postage stamp

US 1980 Philip Mazzei 40c airmail postage stamp. Michel #1449 A (cat. value 0.40€) / Scott C98 - notice how the end of word "Airmail" floats separately in two latter stamps.

I also have found a pair where the airplane silhouette has an additional blue shadow caused by so called "kiss print":

Airplane silhouette

US 1980 Philip Mazzei 40c airmail postage stamp. Michel #1449 F(cat. value 5€) - Airplane silhouette with "shadow"

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