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Koulutus ja konsultointipalvelu KK Mediat, later on Service Provider or We or Us, is committed to respecting Your personal information and protecting the privacy of all individuals who use (later on Service). This page outlines how We collect and handle information you provide with us and our partners when visiting and using the Service.

EU (European Union) ePrivacy Directive 2002/58/EC obliges us to inform that our website uses cookies ((small text files that are stored and read by your browser every time you visit our site) and other similar technologies to enhance your experience when visiting our website; to target ads to your interests; and to collect anonymous web traffic and usage statistics for the Service. Some anonymous information about your use of this site is shared with Google and other third parties.

Please note that by continuing to access and use the Service, it shall be construed that you have agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Why we collect information about You and Your use of service?

The below information is collected for a)statistical purposes, b)marketing purposes, c) maintenance purposes, and d) functional purposes.

The information we collect helps us to build and maintain a Service that functions on devices that You and other readers use.

The information we collect helps us and our advertisers track what kind of contents is popular and what is not. Based on this information we can produce new articles and advertising on topics that interest majority of our readers.

The information we collect helps us to provide faster and better service. For example by knowing from which geographical you are from, we can sometimes serve some or all of our content from location near you.

How We Protect Your Privacy?

Your data will be treated in accordance with relevant European Union and Finland legal provisions. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Service Provider without your consent with following exceptions:

a) We may publish general statistics about the usage of website, such as the number of visitors per day/week/month; number of visitors by country etc.

b) We may share generalized information about site visitor patterns with partners or other parties in such a way that individual visitors can never be identified.

We reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information if we believe in good faith that an applicable law, regulation, or legal process requires it, or when we believe disclosure is necessary to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of another user.

We will use reasonable efforts to comply with this Privacy Policy and will take prompt corrective action when we learn of any failure to comply with it.

You have the legal right to request once a year what information is held about You, and correct any inaccuracies. Any such requests must be delivered by signed and registered letter including at least two different proofs of identity.

What information about your visits we collect?

We collect following information about all visits:

  • Client IP-address or DNS-address
  • Client User-Agent (ie.browser) string and behaviour of client user-agent.
  • Referal information (ie. where the user came from)
  • Time and length of visit
  • Requested files

When participating discussions we additionally record information about your:

  • chosen alias/username
  • your email address
  • your website URL (optional)
  • If you subscribe to newsletter, we record information about your:

    • email address
    • the date you subscribed and confirmed your subscribtion
    • the date of last successful newsletter delivery
    • For Premium members we record their:

      • Contact information
      • Billing information (all receipts are archived on paper for period of 10 years before they are destroyed permanently)
      • What information our advertising partners collect about You?

        We use advertising to fund the free service and content we offer. Our advertising partners include (but are not necessarily limited to) Google AdSense and Google Doubleclick For Publishers. If you upgrade to a paid Premium account you are automatically opted out of third party advertising.

        Google collects wideranging and anynomous information about you and your interests that it shares with their advertising network partners to deliver ads that target Your interests. Click here to view Google’s privacy policy.

        To opt out of Google Adsense and Google Doubleclick profiling, please install Google AdSense/Doubleclick plugin or use other methods (listed on bottom of this page) to prevent use of cookies.

        What information our analytics partner collects about You?

        We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics about the usage of this Resource. These statistics include but are not limited to:

        • Anonymized IP-address and approximate location (city,country,continent)
        • User-Agent (ie.browser) and it’s properties (such as installed plugins, screen size etc).
        • Referal information (ie. where the user came from)
        • Time and length of visit, and the visiting frequency
        • Requested files and use of services

        Additionally, We have implemented “Google Analytics with Demographics and Interest Reporting” to collect generic demographics (such as age and gender spread) and user interests. This data is based on user activity on this and other websites that use Google AdSense or Google Doubleclick.

        All information that passes to Google Analytics is anonymous. Click here to view Google Analytics privacy policy.

        To opt out of Google Analytics, please install Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

        To opt out Google Analytics with Demographic and Interest reporting, please install Google AdSense/Doubleclick plugin or use other methods (listed on bottom of this page) to prevent use of cookies.

        What information other third parties than Google collect about You?

        Some parts of our Service may include features provided by other third party service providers than Google. Examples of these are FaceBook (like and share buttons) and Twitter (tweet-buttons). You are advised to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of these services, and if necessary opt-out of their data collecting.

        How we and our partners use cookies?

        Cookies are small text files that user-agents (i.e. browsers) use to by-pass and store information about user preferences, activity etc. temporarily. For example when you write your first comment, the Service sets a cookie that stores your chosen username and email into a cookie, so that you don’t need to type them again but they are automatically filled for you for next time. Also advertising, website statistics and just about all services and features you rely on modern day web are based on use of cookies.

        Two types of cookies are used on this website:
        Session Cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the site. These are used mostly for statistical and functional purposes.

        Persistent Cookies, which remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie). These are used for statistical, marketing, maintenance and functional purposes.

        Cookies can be either First Party Cookies or Third Party Cookies.

        First Party Cookies are always set by the Service, and by default all user-agents allow their usage. If you prevent the use of first party cookies, some or all services of this Service may become unusable.

        Third parties cookies are set by our partners, and by default most user-agents allow their usage. If you prevent usage of third party cookies, most features of this website should function on some level..

        If you do not wish to accept cookies, you will find detailed instructions for disabling cookies within your browsers Help section.

        For other browsers (as well as mobile browsers), cookie and privacy settings can be found under menu-option Settings.

        If you do not wish to send IP-address or other client information, you are advised to seek third party browser plugins.However, be aware that you are more than likely denied access to all or some parts of our service in order to protect the security of Service and other users.

        Miscellaneous information

        We may provide links to other sites and services in context of articles and discussions. We are not responsible for the content, security, or privacy practices employed by other sites.

        More questions about privacy?

        If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy, please contact Us using the contact form available.

        Alternatively you can mail Us:

        Koulutus- ja konsultointipalvelu KK Mediat
        Raiviontie 1
        FI-44280 SUMIAINEN
        Finland, Europe

        We are Finnish based registered business established in year 2002, business ID: 1740352-7, EU VAT number: FI17403527.

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