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If you are interested in exchanging stamps with me, you have come to the right place. Over the last 4+ years, I’ve made over 450 successful stamp exchanges (view archives for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013) using this blog. Anyone can participate, but there is a specific set of practices and rules that all participants MUST agree to follow.

*** Important update August 19th 2014 *****
Due to hospitalization of a close family member, I’m putting my stamp exchange on temporary hold. Please DO NOT mail new exchange lots until otherwise informed.

Update October 6th: It's now affirmative that my stamp exchange will be closed for rest of the year. My apologies for all who looked forward to another busy exchange season, but life happens sometimes.

The rules of exchange

PLEASE, READ THE BELOW RULES THOROUGHLY – IT WILL TAKE ROUGHLY TEN MINUTES OF YOUR TIME (hint: click the icon on bottom right corner to view the presentation in full screen).

My stamp exchange from Keijo Kortelainen


Important tidbits about mailing and receiving of exchange lots

First, and most importantly, I take no responsibility if the exchange lots (or their contents) get lost or stolen in transit. Fortunately this has occurred only few times and almost exclusively with exchange lots traveling from Finland to India.

For each exchange lot received, I will list in below table when it’s received, as well as a date when it’s been mailed back to sender.

I will mail all responses using recent large sized stamps or miniature sheets or booklet panes to pay postage costs, and I expect YOU WILL DO THE SAME. Any sending with labels or common definitives to pay postage will get a ‘name and shame’ treatment from me.

I’m mailing all responses using standard (non-registered) economy rate international mail, meaning responses should travel all around the world within 2-3 weeks depending on their destination. That said, especially around holidays delivery times can be about the twice as slow.

If you live outside European Union, please read the following information about customs policy:

As of 1/1/2013, the Finnish customs will charge customs revenue and VAT for any non-EU sending valued over $20 (yes, this includes also gifts etc. non-commercial items). To avoid issues with custom officials, please make sure that:

  • the value of stamps you are sending for exchange is less than $20. Please do notice that the customs limit includes also stamps used to pay postage. So if the postage of letter/parcel is $5, then the value of contents MUST be $15 or less.
  • And You include customs declaration sticker CN22 on top of envelope / parcel. CN22 is available at all post offices worldwide. Please do add description of contents and value using this label.
  • Please, DO NOT LIE about the value of stamps. Seriously… If you ask me, I would say that 100 mixed worldwide used stamps has retail value of approx. $4-5. So you can quite safely send me 300-400 stamps anytime. However, if you plan to send more, then please divide it to multiple smaller lots so that the customs value is not exceeded.

I ask all non-EU senders to follow above guidelines, as I WILL NOT RECLAIM LETTERS / PARCELS HELD BY CUSTOMS.

For exchange partners living inside EU there are no changes whatsoever. You can still send as many items as you want…

Closing words

So to sum it up…The goal of the exchange is to be FUN, FAST and SIMPLE way to swap unnecessary duplicate stamps to something hopefully more useful. Follow the guidelines presented above, and you’ll do fine. That’s all there is… Please remember to check the contents of this page periodically for any possible updates / changes in rules or exchanges. If you have any questions, just leave a question using the form below. And don’t be shy; there is no such thing as stupid question.

That’s all… May the exchanges begin ;)

best wishes,
Updated Feb 13th 2014

Summary of exchanges

ID Sender Received Mailed back Exchanged
Total number
of stamps
(for me)
(to sender)
#1 Axel, France 2014/03/05 2014/03/06 92 125 photo photo
#2 Paul, Ireland 2014/03/07 2014/03/07 74 198 photo photo
#3 Chua, Singapore 2014/03/07 2014/03/07 20 53 photo photo
#4 Jeannette, Netherlands 2014/03/14 2014/03/17 106 200 photo photo
#5 Milan, Czech Republic 2014/03/14 2014/03/17 17 50 photo photo
#6 Lúcia, Portugal 2014/03/14 2014/03/17 11 55 photo photo
#7 Cecil, USA 2014/03/19 2014/03/20 38 50 photo photo
#8 Dave, New Zealand 2014/03/27 2014/03/28 23 95 photo photo
#9 Franz, Canada 2014/03/27 2014/03/28 96 240 photo photo
#10 Franz, Canada 2014/03/27 2014/03/28 84 187 photo photo
#11 Seth, UK 2014/03/27 2014/03/31 268 675 photo photo
#12-16 Steven, USA 2014/03/27 2014/03/31 228 500 photo photo
#17 Douglas, USA 2014/03/27 2014/03/31 33 50 photo photo
#18 Steven, USA 2014/04/1 2014/04/1 54 100 photo photo
#19 Sarah, USA 2014/04/10 2014/04/14 229 288 photo photo
#20 Reinhard, Germany 2014/05/02 2014/05/05 102 300 photo photo
#21 Pawel, Poland 2014/06/12 2014/06/13 103 154 photo photo
#22 Seth, UK 2014/06/13 2014/06/16 187 715 photo photo
#23 Axel, France 2014/06/16 2014/06/17 88 104 photo photo
#24 Allan, UK 2014/06/16 2014/06/17 102 152 photo photo
#25 Paul, Ireland 2014/06/17 2014/06/17 68 494 photo photo
#26 Ralph, USA 2014/06/17 2014/06/17 103 474 photo photo
#27A+B Steven, USA 2014/06/18 2014/06/18 124 200 photo photo
#28 Konstantinos, Greece 2014/06/25 2014/06/26 398 2024 photo photo
#29 Mitoiu, Romania 2014/06/25 2014/06/26 64 100 photo photo
#30 Chua, Singapore 2014/06/25 2014/06/26 16 52 photo photo
#31 Cecil, USA 2014/07/01 2014/07/02 42 64 photo photo
#32 Pawel, Poland 2014/07/01 2014/07/02 140 194 photo photo
#33 Markus, Austria 2014/07/10 2014/07/11 114 240 photo photo
#34 John, USA 2014/07/11 2014/07/11 43 200 photo photo
#35 Pawel, Poland 2014/07/26 2014/07/28 35 62 photo photo
#36 Jürgen, Austria 2014/07/26 2014/07/28 97 346 photo photo
#37 Franz, Canada 2014/07/26 2014/07/28 217 252 photo photo
#38 Franz, Canada 2014/07/26 2014/07/28 276 288 photo photo
#39 Cecil, USA 2014/07/26 2014/07/28 7 64 photo photo
#40 Sarah, USA 2014/07/30 2014/07/31 251 342 photo photo
#41 Alp, USA 2014/07/31 2014/07/31 229 300 photo photo
#42 Kostas, Netherlands 2014/08/1 2014/08/4 77 318 photo photo
#43 Kostas, Greece 2014/08/8 2014/08/11 37 125 photo photo
#44 Bogdan, Romania 2014/08/8 2014/08/11 18 80 photo photo
#45 Jeannette, Netherlands 2014/08/15 2014/08/18 124 220 photo photo
#46 Norbert, Austria 2014/08/15 2014/08/18 64 100 photo photo
#47 Allan, UK 2014/08/19 2014/08/20 230 530 photo photo
#48A+B Steven K, US 2014/08/20 2014/08/20 92 134 photo photo
#49 Pawel, Poland 2014/08/27 2014/09/04 82 123 photo photo

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