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Stamp Exchange 2015

If you are interested in exchanging stamps with me, you have come to the right place. Over the last 5+ years, I’ve made over 500 successful stamp exchanges (view archives for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) using this blog. Anyone can participate, but there is a specific set of practices and rules that all participants MUST agree to follow.

*** Update March 13th 2015 *****
The exchange is now go!Go!GO!!! Before you submit anything for exchange, please read the below Slideshare presentation for new and enhanced rules for this exchange season. Do acknowledge that I will not take any responsibility on what happens to lots that don’t comply with the given instructions.Additionally, as my fathers health situation is still far from ‘normal’, I ask all participants to follow two additional rules:

1) always check this page for status before mailing any stamps for exchange, and

2) don’t send more than one exchange lot a time (once I’ve received the stamps and updated this page, you can submit another batch).

It is likely that I will place the exchange on another extended hold when/if the situation requires so, but right it is moving forth one day at a time…

The rules of exchange

Watch and read the the below presentation. IT WILL TAKE ONLY 15-20 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME. (hint: click the icon on bottom right corner to view the presentation in full screen).

My stamp exchange from Keijo Kortelainen

Any failure to follow the rules stated above will lead to public ‘name and shame’.

Closing words

So to sum it up…The goal of the exchange is to be FUN, FAST and SIMPLE way to swap unnecessary duplicate stamps to something hopefully more useful. Follow the guidelines presented above, and you’ll do fine. That’s all there is…

Please remember to check the contents of this page periodically for any possible updates, breaks etc. . If you have any questions, just leave a question using the form below. And don’t be shy; there is no such thing as stupid question.

Summary of exchanges

Total number of Sample photos
# stamps received faulty /mint stamps stamps exchanged Swap % (excl. faulty) For me To sender
#ID: 1
Sender: Allan, UK
Date received: 16/2/2015
Date mailed back: 25/2/2015
530 82/29 226 53.9% photo photo
#ID: 2
Sender: Pawel, Poland
Date received: 17/3/2015
Date mailed back: 18/3/2015
211 0/0 144 68.3% photo photo
#ID: 3
Sender: Miguel, Spain
Date received: 20/3/2015
Date mailed back: 23/3/2015
302 69/0 104 44.6% photo photo
#ID: 4
Sender: Alp, USA
Date received: 27/3/2015
Date mailed back: 30/3/2015
125 10/0 81 70.4% photo photo
#ID: 5
Sender: Cecil, USA
Date received: 27/3/2015
Date mailed back: 30/3/2015
100 0/0 91 91% photo photo
#ID: 6
Sender: Steven K, USA
Date received: 27/3/2015
Date mailed back: 30/3/2015
100 4/0 71 74% photo photo
#ID: 7
Sender: Sarah, USA
Date received: 27/3/2015
Date mailed back: 30/3/2015
250 9/5 195 82.6% photo photo
#ID: 8
Sender: Daniel P, USA
Date received: 27/3/2015
Date mailed back: 30/3/2015
100 9/0 38 41.3% photo photo
#ID: 9
Sender: Pawel, Poland
Date received: 30/3/2015
Date mailed back: 31/3/2015
273 0/0 204 74.7% photo photo
#ID: 10
Sender: Miguel, Spain
Date received: 2/4/2015
Date mailed back: 7/4/2015
300 40/0 137 52.7% photo photo
#ID: 11
Sender: Allan, UK
Date received: 10/4/2015
Date mailed back: 13/4/2015
419 54/16 213 61% photo photo
#ID: 12
Sender: Mel, Australia
Date received: 16/4/2015
Date mailed back: 17/4/2015
100 0/0 80 80% photo photo
#ID: 13
Sender: Cecil, USA
Date received: 17/4/2015
Date mailed back: 17/4/2015
100 7/0 64 68.8% photo photo
#ID: 14
Sender: Miquel, spain
Date received: 17/4/2015
Date mailed back: 17/4/2015
300 23/0 123 48.7% photo photo

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