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Annotation techniques for stamp stock books11
How often do you view Your collection critically? And what actions do You take if You notice anything alerting? 33
Keeping track of long and complex stamp series pt.2 - case of South African definitives of 1926/19543
What do You do with stamps that have foxing / rust? 42
Mounting stamp collections digitally36
How deep to go when building a stamp collection? 16
Black versus white background on stock book pages17
Breaking the mold15
Keeping a worldwide stamp collection in order48
Keeping a stamp collection safe from dangers of natural surroundings17
Storage for worldwide stamp collection (pt5) – Stock pages32
Storage for worldwide stamp collection (pt4) -Blank stamp album pages1
Storage for worldwide stamp collection (pt3) - DIY stamp album pages55
Storage for worldwide stamp collection (pt2) -pre-printed (commercial) stamp album pages12
Storage for worldwide stamp collection (pt1) - Stockbooks19
A matter of storage - this is how I try to keep my worldwide stamp collection in order15
Q&A: stamp albums, stock books and other storage methods98

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