eBooks are the future of stamp catalogs and other philatelic literature

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Though I’m much in love with my printed set of stamp catalogs, I have no doubts that sooner or later eBooks will triumph over printed matter. Right now one of my largest annoyances is the fact that though eBooks seem to be this seasons hottest gift ideas, there is nothing but few oddball philatelic publications available. Nothing from Amos (publisher of Scott), nothing from Schwanberger (publisher of Michel), and nothing from SG (publisher of Stanley Gibbons). Why?

Most stamp catalogs are gigantic volumes that are hard to handle... For example this Scott catalog weights about 2,5kg's, is about 4cm's thick, and measures like a sheet of A4. It's simply enormous.

Most stamp catalogs are gigantic volumes that are hard to handle... For example this Scott catalog weights about 2,5kg's, is about 4cm's thick, and measures like a sheet of A4. It's simply enormous.

According to Amazon, a major portion of their book sales happens these days with eBooks. And I’m not much suprised as:

  • eBooks are usually much cheaper than printed matter (not to mention postage related savings)
  • The price of reader devices have come down a lot too (close to level of medium quality mobile phones and as such)
  • And above all, the usability / technology of eBooks seems to have gone gone up in huge steps.

I can honestly see no valid reasons major stamp related book/catalog publishers refuse to say “Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Gutenberg”.

I understand that one of the main worries for publishers may be loosing profit margins. Whereas printed set of catalogs can easily cost up to 1,000€/$, no reason minded consumer would pay the same for eBook (or other digital services, like paid subscription websites).

Any opinions from You readers? If there was an say Scott/SG/Michel-catalogs available as eBooks for decent price (say 10-20€/$), how many of you would buy such? At least I would…

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