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One of the frequently asked questions by newbie stamp collectors concerns free online stamp catalogues: are there any, and how to find them. So, I thought it would be fun and useful to write a short review list of what I consider the top5 alternatives. I hope You have fun exploring the below websites.


Site address:

  • Lists 500,000+ items (about 70% of different stamps issued)
  • Most listings contain a somewhat good quality image of stamp/set.
  • Somewhat easy to navigate around
  • Multi-lingual
  • Provides ‘live’ buy/sell values (though they are sometimes out of this world)
  • Quality of philatelic information is mixed.


Site address:


  • Lists 500,000+ items (about 70% of different stamps issued).
  • Most listings contain a somewhat good quality image of stamp/set.
  • Provides somewhat consistent cross-references to Scott/Michel/SG/Yvert numbers
  • Somewhat easy to navigate around, very powerful and useful search functionality
  • Multi-lingual
  • Provides values in form of sales prices.
  • In reality the site is a combination of stock lists and buying lists of the largest stamp dealers in Europe
  • Does not contain philatelic background information (such as perforation, printing methods etc)


Site address:


  • Lists roughly 470,000 stamps with varying quality of images.
  • Provides some philatelic background information for stamp sets / issues
  • Multi-lingual
  • Provides somewhat consistent cross-references to Scott/Michel/SG/Yvert numbers
  • Does not provides values for stamps / sets
  • Somewhat difficult to move around (requires lots of clicking) – basic (free) search is somewhat useless

Stamps of the World

Site address:

  • Lists 140,000 stamps with images
  • Easy to use advanced search
  • Varying level of details: many pages are nothing but blank skeletons waiting for image or philatelic details to be entered.


Site address:

  • Lists roughly 118,000 stamps
  • Provides complete lists of all issued stamps for countries they catalog
  • Uses very high quality stamp images
  • Very easy to use/navigate
  • Provides some interesting charts (such as annual stamp production)
  • Does not provide references to popular catalog numbers
  • Does not provides values for stamps / sets

Closing words

Though getting something for free is great, the harsh and undeniable truth IMO is that none of the above don’t stand in comparison against commercial catalogs such as Michel, Scott, Stanley Gibbons or Yvert.   Despite their shortcomings, the above websites (and many similar alike) play an important role by providing otherwise hard-to-find information to more wider audience for free of charge. And fortunately, the public library system provides many of the commercial catalogs easily and freely (or at very low cost) for anyone interested of better details.

As usual, please feel to share / add Your insights and comments for this post below.

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