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Discussion about “Forgery of Camp Post Hanau stamp / label”

  1. Joseph wrote :

    I was stationed in the Army in Hanau 1988-1990 in a Kaserne built by Napoleon...interesting place.

  2. Prahanoaki wrote :

    I don't know much about this camp stamp but it's interesting that Estonian-Lithuanian DP Camp stamp has a Latvian coat of arms. This German site also writes "Litauen" (Lithuania) but then besides the title, all the explanation mentions Latvian. Weren't they just confused between "Lithuania" and "Latvia"?

  3. Keijo wrote :

    @Prahanoaki... Good catch. Didn't really notice/think this at all, but once you say it's very obious :oops:

    I agree with you there's something bizarre with article (take for example sentence "...litauisches Wappen... unter den Marken „LATVIAN PHILATELISTS ASSOCIATION IN EXILE / DM 2.-" - same sentence mixing Lithuanian crest and Latvian philatelic association. Interesting :lol: ). And I managed to found further information stating there were Lithuanian, and Estonian-Latvian camps in Hanau. So for better or worse, I'm amending my original entry.

  4. JACK wrote :

    I just want to thank you for the information relating to forged stamps. It's sad that we have to learn this kind of info.
    There is so much to learn about the USA Washington type's I, II, etc., stamps. Then we have to recognize forgeries. Ever thine Jack

  5. Keijo wrote :

    @Jack... My pleasure.

  6. Y.M.Kakar. wrote :

    Dear Keijo,
    Nice information indeed for the world philatelists. Keep it up please.

  7. Ian Greenwood wrote :

    Is it really as easy as that? Kniffke, the German dealers, have both perforate and imperforate at 15 euros each. I bought the perforate pair. Was I just lucky, or do Kniffke know something that we don't?

  8. Keijo wrote :

    @Ian... Your guess is as good as mine.

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