Unlisted perforation variety on Afghan airmail stamp

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Last night I was going through an accumulation of Afghan stamp I acquired during the summer, and I came across with a bizarre finding that contradicts catalog information. As usual I'd be very grateful if blog readers could assist me in nailing this one.

The below design was used in 1960/64 on 3 different airmail stamps. The 75 and 125 Pul values were issued on 1960, and Michel states they exist in 3 different perforations (A:10½, B:imperf and C:11 - as I don't have these I can't confirm or deny this). In 1964 an additional value of 5 Afghani was issued, and according to Michel this exist only in perforation of 10½. This one I have had for years, but last night I also found a copy with perforation of 11.

1964 Afghanistan. Douglas DC-6 over Hindu Kush.  Michel #844.  The normal stamp, and the unlisted perforation variety.

1964 Afghanistan. Douglas DC-6 over Hindu Kush. Michel #844. The normal stamp, and the unlisted perforation variety.

I checked my ancient copy of Yvert, and it claims the perforation on all these stamps is 11 and nothing else....I acknowledge that each catalog lists perforations using different accuracy (Michel usually being the most accurate), but this is definitely frustrating.

Anyway, could somebody please check what recent editions of catalogs (Scott, SG, Yvert) state for the perforation of this stamp. Also if anyone has knowledge or access to specialized catalog of Afghan stamps, I'd be very interested to know any more detailed information.

Till next time, happy collecting!

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